This Video Will Make Your Trip Go Bad Fast

[vimeo 25474499 w=622 h=390]

Here’s a pretty disturbing, probably NSFW video for your just-back-from-a-three-day-weekend Tuesday afternoon. Check out what the makers of the short, called Follow The Sun, had to say about it:

FOLLOW THE SUN is an homage and/or affront to a great American tradition: the Intermission Reel. Those who weren’t making out in the back of the family Buick between films at the drive-in will remember them: poorly-spliced, underexposed & overplayed grindhouse reels of sickly green hot dogs, unprovoked pizza-groping, ice cream sundaes with a vomit of pale, lifeless toppings, and perverse sight gags featuring animated snacks in PG-13 scenarios. MK12 interested themselves in this format, and envisioned its slightly darker, but perhaps more-to-the-point, R-rated cousin.

Yep, pretty fucked up. Happy 4th, everyone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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