In Case You Were Interested: Here's A Video Of People French Kissing Dogs

Here’s a task for you: sit through all two minutes of the wet, sloppy, slow motion human-on-dog french kissing in this nasty-ass video without vomiting on your keyboard. First person to do it gets to comment that they… did it. Ready… GO! TC mark


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  • Jillypants

    the title of this alone made me violently gag. 

  • Riley

    This is hilarious. 

  • Matt Northin


  • Megan Kelly

    why are people so perverse. 

  • Falc4o

    holy f*ck. I… did it.

  • Katie Reed

    Dude. How did this get published on TC? Ha.

  • Jaymie

    the funniest ting i’ve seen in a while. i laughed out LOUD several times

  • Gregory Costa

    Better than kissing a fat chick.

  • andy

    i lol’d 

  • km

    I literally could only get through 38 seconds of it.

  • guest


  • STaugustine

    “They Hate Us For Our Freedoms!”

  • Louieloo

    ew. need to vom.

  • asdasd

    welcome to the internet! :)

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