Here Is The World's First Fully-Skateboardable House

Owner of the skate shoe brand, Etnies Pierre-André Senizergues, is kind of old by now, and he’s also kind of rich, so he’s going to use his money to build a house for himself in Malibu that’s fully-skateboardable, for the most part. Assisted by artist Gil Le Bon Delapointe and architect Francois Perrin, dude’s house will feature 2,200 square feet of living space, skateable furniture and like, no hard edges. Shown in the video above is a fully-scalable, 735-foot model of the living room. The real house should be done in about two years. Pretty cool concept, brahs. TC mark


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  • Anonymous

    The title made me think that the house itself sat on a skateboard…

  • Gilthwixt

    Impressive, though my only thought is, if you’re going to do something like this and you have the money, why not go bigger? I would have liked to have seen this concept done with two stories. Make it possible to drop from the 2nd to ground floor via quarter pipe, maybe even do the reverse. Make the roof skateable. Have a rail from your bedroom to your driveway. I feel like they could’ve gotten more creative with this.

  • Uhnonnymus


  • ArchiStudentProblems

    Yes, yes and more yes.

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