Some Questions For The Woman Who Got A Tattoo Of 152 Facebook Friends' Profile Pics


  1. Why?
  2. That looks like it took a lot of time and money. Did it?
  3. Please tell me why.
  4. Here is my idea: your sleeve is a metaphor for Facebook’s tendency to help us define ourselves. By getting a full sleeve of your friend’s profile pictures, you’re sarcastically making the statement: “Look, Facebook defines me, too.” Sort of a cynic’s stance, am I right?
  5. What’s up with that song?
  6. Hm. Can you explain the tattoo now? TC mark


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  • Oliver Miller

    My question is if she has to keep adding to the tat as she adds more friends.

    • Jasmine Nicodemus

      and then what happens when she unfriends someone?

      • natasha k

        …or someone unfriends her! eek!

  • andrew

    YOU'RE gonna feel pretty stupid when someone changes their profile picture, lady!

    • Ashlee

      Beat me to it!

  • xra

    holy crap why

  • Kablaamee

    Brooke Shields is a tattoo artist now?

  • federico

    she's french, that's why

    • Guest

      she's actually Dutch…

  • captain

    I like it.. I think the colors come together pretty nicely.

  • Taylor

    Maybe if all the photos were just pictures she liked or something, that would be okay and “artsy” or whatever… 

    What happens if you have a falling out with one of those 152 people?  Do you leave their face on you forever? Or possibly tattoo a big X over their face?

  • wackomet

    5. The song is 19-2000 by the Gorillaz

    and it's ill is what's up with it

    • Michael Koh

      Damn. Nice

  • Alexander J. Allison

    at least it looks quite good.

    • Jess

      It won't look good if she gains weight, and also when she ages and skin gets wrinkly and saggy. 
      Defining herself? More like, defying herself.

      • Michael Koh


  • Hannah Foster.

    Shit, I thought I was the only one.

  • Kuradeko

    What happens when someone deactivates their account? Does their picture disappear?

  • inflammatorywrit

    I now think that the world should have ended last month.

  • Jess

    I do not have anything against tattooing but this is just plain idiocy.

  • Alyssa Johnston

    I am almost 100% sure she is aware of the facts that she will: get more friends than these on Facebook, lose some of these friends, and people will change their pictures. Now that we've got those possibilities out of the way (as well as the generalized “tattoos are dumb” stances) let's go somewhere with this conversation.

  • M Gilm

    I think it's art. Miller doesn't get it. But he's also a shitty writer, so I'm not surprised.

  • Hillary Gaffin

    I think it looks pretty awesome. It's cool way to think of art, in a way, her friends have a effect on who she is & now its visible too.

  • Michael Koh

    5. Sponsored by The Gorillaz

  • Ss

    i also look at gawker sometimes, can i have a job here

  • Seriously

    Is the artist a man??

  • Gnush

    Hot tattoo artist. Enough said.

  • seth

    And then all 152 friends deleted her and changed their profile pictures.

  • mm

    152 friends?

    she has like..nobody  (sarcasm)

  • Joseph Piccininni, Jr.

    I actually think it looks pretty cool. Maybe if instead it was “152 random busts” it would probably be received better by the general population. I like it .

  • Zizzoisrad

    Who cares about the tattoo.. Look at how freakin hot that tattoo artist is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yhyhgz
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