Video Of Moby Electrically Shocked And Passing Out Hurts To Watch

Ouch. A recent show in Amsterdam had Moby a little too close to the gallery’s track lighting, which I’m assuming provides electricity for its light bulbs via exposed electrical wires. Anyways, kind of weird/ scary
seeing Moby go down for the count like that! Apparently, dude’s ok, and later tweeted that he was “sorry for being electrocuted” and that he was “feeling much better.” Thank god. TC mark


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  • Ian

    I dunno. I thought it was funny.

  • juan

    good.  it's karmic retribution for forcing mediocre electronic music on us all for so long.
    also for always looking like some sort of pervy turtle.

  • Catt

    I like the guy who keeps taking photos.

  • tania rahman

    “Moby, do you feel okay?”
    “No, uh, you know? I'm sorry, you can't..”

    I feel kind of sad for the camera girl. ):

  • ...........


  • Michael Koh

    This makes me sad

  • BLOG

    i dont want bad things to happen to moby / anybody

  • middle aged internet commenter


  • Dee

    fake and gay

    • STaugustine

      Dude, I doubt it. His naked scalp touched raw AC 220v.  Low-budget shock-therapy. If he'd have been clutching the neck of a plugged-in  electric guitar at that moment, he'd be dead and the clip would have 15,000,000 views.

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