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USDA Replaces Food Pyramid; Now We Have A Plate

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Yes, you heard right. No more created-by-food-producers food pyramid for us ‘mericans! Remember? The one that taught us that a requirement for every heathy individual was daily dairy, meat and bread intake?

Today, with the help of Michelle Obama, the USDA has announced that its food pyramid is going to be replaced by… a plate!

Here is the plate:

And… that’s it! I think this one is more vague, and maybe better for not depicting “protein” as large pieces of meat and some peanuts.

On the Plate (officially MyPlate), Michelle Obama had this to say: “As long as [our plates are] half full of fruits and vegetables, and paired with lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy, we’re golden,” she said. “That’s how easy it is.”

MyPlate is here “to serve as a reminder to help consumers make healthier food choices,” according to the USDA’s press release.. TC mark

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    • Luke Bourassa

      I think this did help clear-up some issues with the pyramid, but the addition of the “Dairy” cup (or is that a small plate?) was foolish and typical of a U.S. government creation. By glancing at the plate, you might just get the impression “My diet ought to be 25% grains, protein, fruit and veggies each.” That might not be the exact amounts depicted, but it's close enough to make for a healthy diet.

      Adding that silly circle for dairy is not only redundant (since dairy could be covered by the “protein” bit), but now complicates a fairly elegant diagram, forcing you to estimate the “dairy” as… what? 10%? 15? This is obviously a move designed to placate the dairy industry.

      • bsg


        • Perfect Circles

          Big Dairy is worse than the Defense industry.

      • Rachael Dewan

        i think instead of 'dairy' it should read 'calcium' or something similar so us lactose intolerant don't feel left out :(
        i don't know what 'big dairy' is, but it sounds like something out of 'thank you for smoking'

        • Harry

          or just “water”

          i feel like water is more important. or at least “juice”

    • Frank

      dairy and any mention of meat are outdated recommendations and deserve no spot on MYplate. but you just KNOW big beef/milk would have NEVER let this thing see the light of day without their inclusion … barf

      • Luke Bourassa

        Yea, at least the purple slice doesn't read “Steak”

      • Mage Baltes

        It doesn't say anything about meat. I agree with you about the diary industry, though.

        • Frank

          on the food icon, true, but on the website, it does.

        • ObliqueFetalFatal

          I'm looking at and I don't see any mention of meat. Not only that but the banner on the top of the page doesn't even include a picture of meat anywhere unless you count fish.

        • Frank

          click the purple wedge

        • ObliqueFetalFatal

          And what's wrong with that? Meat doesn't have protein? It equally represents:

          soy products

        • Frank

          Are you trying to argue a case for eating animal flesh or are you questioning its role in the american diet? Either way the answer is “n/a”

          In my opinion it is clear what form of protein they are advocating for first.

        • ObliqueFetalFatal

          I'm not arguing either of those things. The main infograph clearly just says protein. It's not even like they colored that wedge red which might be interpreted as meat.

          To not include meat in a list of foods with protein would be grossly misleading. In fact, there are more non-flesh items listed than items categorized as meats. I'm not against animal rights or vegans/vegetarians at all but I think you're choosing the wrong hill to die on.

    • Teukros

      Simplistic graphics to dictate diet are always going to fail.  Me, I don't need fifty-five servings of bread a day to survive, and since I started consuming raw, full-fat dairy, I've never been healthier or happier.  Vegans will argue that they don't need meat, and they personally may well be better off without it.

      In short, if you tailor a concept to apply to everyone, it'll wind up applying to no one.

      • Niv

        I think this design is a bit dumb downed compared to the much more elaborate pyramid.  No offense to anyone, but certain social groups may have an easier time in understanding the simple design.  Those groups are precisely the ones that need better education on proper nutrition.

        • Teukros

          Well, the food pyramid was actually mendacious.  This plate could pretty much be covered by a McDonald's meal, especially with those super-healthy apple dippers.

        • Dfkjdlf

          what difference does that make? some people only eat mcdonalds

    • Perfect Circles

      I am reading a book no one here has probably ever heard about.  It is called In Defense of Food by an author named Mark Pollard.  In this great book he talks about how much influence the food processing industry, Big Dairy, Big Meet etc have over the USDA/government.  That is why most of what you see talks about how much FIBER or LOW FAT something has and why this doesn't recommend and discourage specific foods, such as eggs – which, as sure as the sun is yellow, will kill you if you eat too many.

      • Lt64855n

        It's by Michael Pollan

      • HipsterFriend

        Wow, you discovered Michael Pollan. And NOBODY has heard of him. Not even you, going about saying  “Mark Pollard.” Except that that book was NYT #1 bestseller for six weeks straight.

      • Schadenfreude

        Mark Pollard <— the divide between coming off as a pompous asshole vs. actually knowing what you are talking about –> Michael Pollan.

    • depressed drunk

      I'm Finnish and I've had this since kindergarten.

    • Viktoriya Gaponski

      As long as [our plates] are not half empty with fruits and veggies.

    • xra

      only problem with this is we shouldn't be eating that many grains. in fact, we prob shouldn't be eating them at all, with the possible exception of rice in moderation. that protein slice should be a lot bigger, and the dairy cup should prob be replaced with a section for fats. the slice for fruits should specify to eat full fruits and avoid fruit juice, since fiber is the only defense against fructose toxicity. the status quo re: optimal macronutrient ratios is a fucking joke.

    • Harry

      freaking dairy what a joke. everything else is cool though i like it

    • federico

      stay golden, ponyboy

    • hhlk9
    • Tory

      So guys…just because the dairy and meat industries make a lot of money and may have undue influence on nutritional guidelines doesn't mean either of those things is *bad* for us all the time.

      Do you *have* to have meat or dairy to maintain a healthy diet? Vegans have proved the answer is no. But meat, in moderation, *is* a good source of protein. It won't actually kill you to eat a steak every once in a while. And dairy, same thing: it's a source of protein, good fats, and, most importantly for children, calcium. Milk is the best source of calcium (and, in the US, vitamin D) for young children, and should have a place in any healthy child's diet.

      I understand the ethical philosophy behind veganism, but it makes no sense to say something is outright *bad* for you nutritionally just because the industry it comes from is corrupt.

      • Greg Petliski

        The ethics of veganism are ones of hypocrisy. Having worked on farms, do you have any idea how many small mammals die to produce fruits and vegetables? Between shooting “pests” like groundhogs and foxes to the millions of moles/voles and other small mammals that die under the combines??

        So to anyone who thinks youre living a pristine lifestyle by not eating animals or animal products, enjoy.

        • Harry

          no one thinks that. most vegans understand that it is impossible to completely avoid all these dead animal situations or whatever, but the point is to do what you can with the opportunities you have.

            you're just pissed off for some reason. probably met some weird ass vegans

        • Greg Petliski

          I know the ones who campaign for PETA.

    • darlingnikkisiks

      WATER CUP?

      • darlingnikkisiks

        One must prime the throat for a dairy coating.

    • mbbmbc
    • Fox

      If there were no dairy… WHAT THE FUCK WOULD WE DIP HOT COOKIES IN? FUUUUUUUCK iefbnwejfb

    • nynu5
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