Samuel L. Jackson Reads ‘Children’s’ Book Titled Go The F**k To Sleep

Last month I wrote up a story that covered a funny faux-children’s book by Adam Mansbach called Go The Fuck To Sleep (Akashic, 2011). To quote myself:

In a tongue-in-cheek homage to parenting and the sometimes not-so-simple act of just getting a child to sleep, Go The Fuck to Sleep, a 32-page illustrated book by Adam Mansbach, has topped Amazon’s bestseller chart a month before publication. It currently holds a ranking above memoirs by Tina Fey and Steven Tyler.

In the style of a children’s book, Go the Fuck to Sleep reads like a bedtime story – cute, gentle rhymes interspersed with expletive-laden pleas for the child to just go the fuck to sleep. Mansbach told the Associated Press, “It captures the frustration of being in a room with a kid and feeling like you may actually never leave that room again, that you may spend the rest of your life in that dark room, trying to get your kid to go to sleep.”

Well, the book was released this week, and what a better way to welcome it to the public with a hilarious reading of it by none other than Samuel L. Jackson! Yesterday I heard that legendary director Werner Herzog was going to do the audio for it – which would have been equally delightful – but I guess Sam Jackson got to it first! Please enjoy, and perhaps play for your own children. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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