Here’s Your Mash-Up Of Actors Playing Woody Allen’s Quasi-Fictional Stand-Ins

Here featured are characters from Woody Allen films, which are actually just, you know, Woody Allen, edited into screenplay dialogue and played by the likes of John Cusack, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson and more. With it’s categories (“Stammering,” “Intellectual Profession,” “Highbrow Reference,” “Bon Mot,” etc.) FILMDRUNK – the website that ran the retrospective – is spot on, and they even got the vintage Husbands and Wives font right. Good job dudes. TC mark


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  • Yo Yo Ma Ma

    Boris Yelnikoff (Larry David's character) was actually written specifically for Zero Mostel.

  • Michael Koh

    want to see WA now

  • lls87
  • Richard Tait

    That was great, right until the point they flashed BON MOT on the screen and then declined to use anything resembling a bon mot to illustrate, bon mots. Meh.

    • Jordan

      Yeah…not knowing what bon mot was, and given the examples they used, I thought it had something to do with morbid thoughts, like mot was related to 'mort.'

      Google says they got this wrong, but I learned something today!

  • statusandapager

    pretty……………………pretty……………….pretty good

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