Here Is Your Video Of The Pope Tweeting His First-Ever Tweet On An iPad

BIG NEWS. The answer to the age-old riddle “How many elite Catholics does it take to tweet?” has finally been solved today! The answer: seven, and a videographer. Yep, you heard right – the Vatican has confirmed that Pope Benedict Something Something tweeted for the first time ever today! Here is the tweet:

Predictable I know but still, it must be admitted that the Pope’s a bit adorable in this video. And some awesome reporting coming out of this story from the good folks over at HuffPo:

The tweet was sent from the Vatican News Twitter account, with roughly 12,000 followers but sure to skyrocket following the Pope’s tweet.

Vatican officials said that Benedict used his own finger [author’s italics] to send the tweet on a touchpad. According to metadata, the tweet was sent from “Twitter for iPad.”

Used his own finger! Wow. Anyways, uh… yeah. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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