Here Is The Largest Bank Account Balance You Will Ever See On An ATM Receipt

WTF. Shouldn’t this money be tied up in investments or something? Apparently Dealbreaker stumbled upon this viral piece of gold in East Hampton, proving that, as NYMag had to say, the fuckers in East Hampton are as rich as everyone secretly guesses they are. Other than that, I have no idea what the story behind this is – but according to Dealbreaker, it’s been revealed that the owner of the receipt was a hedge fund manager who “hadn’t used an ATM since Lehman.” Heh. TC mark

via Gawker/image – Keith Ramsey


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  • jamesss

    Rich people exist blah blah yawn

  • Iamsarahanderson

    Funny that I’m reading this just after checking my balance and seeing that I am -$76 in my chequing account and -$1900 on my credit card. Oops.

    • hunter ray

      ugh story of mah life

  • Sarah N. Knutson

    The owner of the receipt hadn’t used an ATM since Lehman…yet the date was from almost two weeks ago? What did I miss? Is it an emphasis on the ‘HAD NOT used’ and thus now ‘has used?’

    • HEH

      Yeah, good job on using those context clues. 

  • Anonymous

    Gather your pitchforks and torches!  It’s time to redistribute some wealth!

    • Perfect Circles

      You sound like President Obama as envisioned by Joe the Plumber. 

  • Brooklyn

    very nice.. I currently have 10.76 in my checking 

    • butthurt

      At least you can make a clean $10.00 ATM withdrawal. If you had $9.76, that would butthurt.

  • Paideumaxx

    what the fuck? the FDIC only insures up to $100,000…

    • Perfect Circles

      that’s how you know it’s not real

    • Perfect Circles

      that’s how you know it’s not real

  • swetty

    Yeah, I bet this a fake bit of viral-type marketing put on by the folks at Capital One Bank.  No rich person would let that much capital sit liquid in a savings account, especially one with enough savvy to use an internet-based bank like Cap One.

    • Anonymous

      If they had just submitted a cheque to a bank account before they paid bills then they would. That is about the size of some corporate bonuses.

      • Give it up

        a hundred million dollar bonus? nope. maybe for the pope.

  • Brian McElmurry

    pyramid scheme. I’m at the bottom. trickled down and pissed on

  • Josh Liburdi

    and i’d still be pissed about the atm fee.

    • Anonymous

      He isn’t pissed because to him those few dollars are of little consequence.

    • Greg Petliski

      Well that makes you a very greedy prick.

      • Angela

        You don’t get to be rich like that without being greedy.  And I don’t want one fucking dollar I make to go to any bank, especially Capital One.

  • klaus


    • Anonymous

      And he would have gotten more if there wasn’t a $400 daily limit. Someone should find the receipt for his withdrawal at 12:01 AM.

      • wayne

        and if he has that much in there im sure he had a higher withdrawl amount instead of 400 hundred bucks i have a 500 limit on mine and i only have maybe 1/2 % of that

      • Rosemary McClure

        doesn’t matter how much money you have, ATMs will only dispense a certain amount of cash per person per day–I assume to cut down on fraud/crime

      • STaugustine

        ” i only have maybe 1/2 % of that”

        You have half a million bucks in the bank? Not bad.

    • etsena


    • Anonymous

      400 dollars cash isn’t that much if you’re going to expensive clubs, restaurants, need to pay valets, etc. His tab at a club could easily be 400 dollars alone for a large group.

    • Asdf

      Me. This is the standard going rate.

  • Michael Koh



    The guy’s name is David Tepper. He’s described as a “husky, bespectacled trader.” He keeps a pair of balls on his desk that he rubs for luck.

  • Crime Seems Sweet

    Someone should hold that little bitch up.

  • Frida

    One day…

  • sophie zhao

    this could have been a great tweet.

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