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Perhaps The Most WTF Wedding Dress Ever

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Obviously, what we have here is a dress fashioned to look like a two to three foot-long vagina, and I guess… it’s feminist, at least according to urlybits, although I wouldn’t be able to explain exactly how. I’m not sure where this originally came from but, oh yeah – I was leaving anyway. I’m suddenly overcome with the need to stop looking at the internet. I’m going to bed. See you guys tomorrow. TC mark

via Buzzfeed

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    • Jocelyn 'Cherry Bomb' Duncan

      Why has this happened?

      • SaraJane

        this is what happens as we get closer to 2012 lol

    • anonymous


    • Aelya

      what the fuck….

    • what


    • cecile

      Can’t even begin to imagine what the groom’s suit would look like.

      • Taylor Pape

        I hope it has a giant penis.. and when they announce them man and wife he inserts the penis on his suit into her dress vagina.

    • Samantha DeHart

      This is insane! As if ANYONE would EVER WEAR that! LOL x) – it sure would turn some heads though that’s for sure but no on a serious note! Who in the world made THAT!? I’d love to know and WHAT they are on? Cuz seriously IT is BEYOND Tacky!!!!

      • BRO


    • Alexandria Adair

      Haha….I think it’s pretty funny. I’m going to assume this is a response to the idea that a woman wears a white dress to represent her purity, which she maintains until it’s acceptable to give it away (to her husband, and no one else). Having a huge vagina attached to it kinda defeats that idea that a woman is “chaste” or “pure” and reminds everyone that she does, indeed, have a vagina – and uses it, freely, when she likes! 

      • SaraJane

        “uses it, freely, when she likes!” – LOL

      • Matt Putney

        Yeah, I’m going with that one. Especially because this picture looks like it was taken in an art gallery. Not a bad concept, if that was the intention.
        I just really fucking hope no one actually wore it…

    • amie j.amouremeelea

      i can’t even say its art. 

    • Michael Koh

      This turns me off 

    • Michael Koh

      This turns me off 

    • Sushil Kumar Adlakha

      sheer & absolute nonsense with a capital ‘ N ‘

    • syahmi azri

      cant imagine me wearing that on my wedding. pretty funny though
       forward 5 years and my son will ask me what am i wearing as he go through the wedding album. haha

    • Duke Holland of Gishmale

      I still can’t find the clitoris. 

    • Mr Shankly

      Anyone who wore this would look like a right cunt.

    • Bema

      Wedding night and wedding dance have been united.

    • Elle

      Haha the URL

    • MBA

      Maybe  its just a vagina-pin?

    • cass

      Something Lady Gaga would wear on her wedding day, perhaps?

    • Anonymous

    • Debbie

      Here’s a vagina CAKE to go with the vagina wedding dress! 

    • Chris

      gives a whole new meaning to “such a pussy”

      though if i was a chick.. id totally wear it on my wedding day.. just sayin i like to be unique

    • Danablu

      The funny part is they made a hymen on the vagina.

      • Apaller

        well it’s a wedding dress, so the vagina must have a hymen intact! purity is very important

      • Apaller

        well it’s a wedding dress, so the vagina must have a hymen intact! purity is very important

    • Do your research.

      This was a piece of work at the Glasgow School of Art summer exhibition. Clearly no-one has made this to be worn. I wouldn’t say I’m big on looking into what art ‘means’ but surely everyone jumping on this and screaming ‘ew, gross’ is about as immature as laughing when someone says vagina.  

    • Aniglobe

      puts a new slant on the ol’ classic Jane Morgan ditty…  ‘the hairs of her mickey… hanging down to her knees…

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