WTF, NYC? Racist Man on Subway Flips Out, Gets Naked, and Attacks Passersby

Last week I wrote about why I wouldn’t want to live in NYC, and if I had seen this video, I may have included “crazy naked subway racists on PCP and cops who don’t do shit while they attack random passersby.” I’m assuming the policeman held off on doing anything until after the enraged guy attacked two or three people because he didn’t have back up? A sticky situation to be in, but where was his nightstick? Or his taser? Or pepper spray? I’m confused? (Sorry for the sideways view.) TC mark


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  • Anna

    Maybe this is what makes living in NYC worth it? LMFAO WTF!!! That police officer sucked! Maybe he wasn't racist and just sayin' “n***a” like the black people say it and he was just playin? It's just some Sunday afternoon fun.


      stupid moron…. did that sound friendly to you???

  • droot

    THE most amazing thing I have EVER seen.

  • Pfft

    what are you talking about? this is exactly why i live in new york. Constant entertainment.

    • Brandon

      seemed like most people in the video were screaming and attempting to get away

      • Comic Insult

        That woman whose bag was assaulted was taking off her coat like she was READY to kick his ass. That's why I love New Yorkers!

      • Arty Sellfish

        seems like a standard reaction. new yorkers are like other people, except for the fact that they think they're different.

      • Greg Petliski

        We ARE different, as in, we're not afraid to fuck you up.

      • Comic Insult

        Haha I would know, I am a New Yorker.

      • Hotmail

        And every person on the train will tell the exhilarating tale of the naked guy on the train for the rest of their lives.

        That's why NYC is great, because you're forced to be uncomfortable and realize that's what makes shit interesting.

  • girl


  • Molly

    I'd rather live in a crazy city than a boring one…

  • Tim Donnelly

    Is it really that difficult to rotate your cell phone camera to the right? Also, what is it about the 6 train? This is the same train I was on last year when there was a man in an MTA shirt with a live chicken lying on the ground under a shopping cart filled with cans and a guitar hero controller. Best city in the whole damn world.

  • Rob

    Man, in an age where cops are tazing kids where was the stun gun for this guy? Someone could have wound up on the tracks…

  • Dave P

    Nice to see that after all these years, New York City is still capable of being New York City.

  • Spadeboy

    This made my afternoon.

  • Jennifer Sussex

    first weekend in new york i was waiting for the 4/5/6. there was a guy in an adias track suit, junkyish, crusty-looking. he comes up to me and asks me, “are we in manhattan” in like union square. i'm listening to headphones but i know this dude's going to talk to me because i'm the only chick on the platform around 2am. everyone else looks bar drunk.

    two seconds later, despite how interested i am in my shitty proto 2008 mp3 player, this guy asks another question. he goes, “are we in brooklyn.” i think about it. i politely direct him to the train going uptown, telling him “that one goes to manhattan.”

    he walks over to head uptown, promptly drops his drawers and takes a runny poo. i look aghast at everyone around me. they just look all this-happens-everyday-little-girl back at me.

    • Arty Sellfish

      settle down, new york is safer than disneyland. unfortunately.

  • shitface

    when the guy has his boxers on, everyone's like “ha ha this guys crazy.” but then when he gets naked everyone's like “woah get off the train this guy is serious”

  • Arty Sellfish

    is this the new 9/11?

  • Greg Petliski

    I love the guy yelling “Oh shit!” in the background.

  • Greg

    When is there going to be a successful spoof of the camera-man behind all these fight videos…like what if it was all just one lone dude traveling around the country filming amateur fight vids.

  • tao


  • Bill

    Ha Ha, and you should stay away. I'm sure this guy wasn't from NYC. BTW, I've never heard anyone WISH for a taser. How about physical restraint? Maybe he shoulda just shot him, huh?


    if you are black with one spliff and your significant other having a romantic, completely sober evening… gets harassed and arrested every minute in this city, but that fool can go on like that accosting people and being racist for almost ten min.???? fucking pig police babylon toe suckers should be ashamed of themselves… just shows that they are here to protect and serve the new all white population that is moving here.

  • Dsfasdfsere


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