What's The Most Used Swear Word On Facebook?

A reputation management firm called Reppler recently launched a study that found that about 47% of Facebook walls contain some form of profanity. And guess what – it isn’t even you that’s doing all the swearing, it’s your friends! From the HuffPo article:

The research, which surveyed the Facebook walls belonging to over 30,000 unique users, also found that the source of poor language on Facebook predominantly comes from a user’s friends…

The findings highlight what the folks at Reppler consider an “issue with Facebook,” the fact that “users don’t have complete control over the language used on their Facebook Wall, yet the language used by friends can have an impact on how others perceive them.”

Yes, this must be very bad, because extremely conservative companies have fired people for having profanity on their Facebook walls. Idiotic but true. Oh – and the most used swear word? Obviously, one of the many derivatives of “fuck.” Runner up is any derivative of “shit,” and in third came “bitch.” So, you know… happy fucking Facebooking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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