Sad Video Of Believer's Reaction To The Rapture That Never Came

Here shown is Robert Fitzpatrick, the retired MTA employee who famously gave his entire life savings to publicize The Rapture with Family Radio, which he was 100% sure was going to happen at 6 p.m. yesterday. Watching the video of the confused man, one almost expects him to get attacked by the group of people around him at one point, but instead he just gets laughed at, and I think this is very sad. If anyone should be prosecuted, it’s Harold Camping, who thought this whole mess up, and who was nowhere to be found on the day the world was supposed to end. From Gothamist:

[A]ccording to Reuters, the curtains were drawn at Camping’s house, and nobody was answering the door. Over at the Family Radio headquarters, there was a sign on the front door saying “The Office is Closed. Sorry we missed you!”

The deafening silence has not been overlooked by some of his now-former followers: “I had some skepticism but I was trying to push the skepticism away because I believe in God…[but] it’s God who leads you, not Harold Camping,” said Keith Bauer, who had hopped in his minivan in Maryland and drove his family 3,000 miles to California for the Rapture.

Camping came out of hiding yesterday, telling the media that he was “flabbergasted” about the all-too-apparent lack of Rapture but that on Monday he’d have more to say. Feel like if the dude had any real sense of the morals Christianity promotes, the least he would have done would have been to come to Times Square to be with his followers while they all got plucked up by the cherubs and angels. Instead he left Fitzpatrick, who now most likely feels completely shit-on, to do the explaining to a group of ridiculing assholes gloating over the guy’s loss. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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