Sad Video Of Believer's Reaction To The Rapture That Never Came

Here shown is Robert Fitzpatrick, the retired MTA employee who famously gave his entire life savings to publicize The Rapture with Family Radio, which he was 100% sure was going to happen at 6 p.m. yesterday. Watching the video of the confused man, one almost expects him to get attacked by the group of people around him at one point, but instead he just gets laughed at, and I think this is very sad. If anyone should be prosecuted, it’s Harold Camping, who thought this whole mess up, and who was nowhere to be found on the day the world was supposed to end. From Gothamist:

[A]ccording to Reuters, the curtains were drawn at Camping’s house, and nobody was answering the door. Over at the Family Radio headquarters, there was a sign on the front door saying “The Office is Closed. Sorry we missed you!”

The deafening silence has not been overlooked by some of his now-former followers: “I had some skepticism but I was trying to push the skepticism away because I believe in God…[but] it’s God who leads you, not Harold Camping,” said Keith Bauer, who had hopped in his minivan in Maryland and drove his family 3,000 miles to California for the Rapture.

Camping came out of hiding yesterday, telling the media that he was “flabbergasted” about the all-too-apparent lack of Rapture but that on Monday he’d have more to say. Feel like if the dude had any real sense of the morals Christianity promotes, the least he would have done would have been to come to Times Square to be with his followers while they all got plucked up by the cherubs and angels. Instead he left Fitzpatrick, who now most likely feels completely shit-on, to do the explaining to a group of ridiculing assholes gloating over the guy’s loss. TC mark


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  • Justin G

    Who is that asshole yelling at this guy? Geeze.

    • Jordan

      I was thinking the same thing.  If he was a tad smarter or in control he'd realize this guy could dig a much deeper grave for himself by having to answer ANSWER the questions

  • Luke Bourassa

    I feel the same sort of pathos watching this that I feel for a special needs kid who is being harrassed by  middleschoolers.

  • average girl

    i genuinely feel bad for those who believed in the rapture enough to donate their life savings, stop their children's college funding, and etc in order to prepare for the departure of essentially, their life. it was all they believed in, and so earnestly that they have given up all of the important things of this life. now that their belief has been proven to be untrue, i can only imagine this to be a dramatically worse scenario of a child who has been told there is no santa claus.

  • ben Raifsnider, jr.

    i'm with you, Brandon. it's really easy and natural to point fingers and laugh and think “haha, you idiots are still here.” that was my first reaction too. but it is sad because these people did fully believe that the rapture was going to take place. we can say that their pain is justified because they were dim enough to blindly follow someone's teaching, ignoring the facts and common sense, but that seems cruel in a time when they are so vulnerable.  having your beliefs yanked out from under you like a rug is devastating and i'm glad to see some one take a second to think and then react with compassion and sympathy rather than cruel words.  (watching a video that humanizes one of the nuts also really helps)

    • Kablaamee

      “Having your beliefs yanked out from under you like a rug is devastating” and also liberating. Now this man can live his life and stop waiting to die.

  • chelseafagan

    This video is so hard to watch, I got choked up within the first thirty seconds. This poor man is just as afraid as any one of us about death and where we are in the universe, this just happened to have been his misguided attempt at dealing with it. How any human can look at another who gave all he had for something he believed him and then mock him when he falls on his face is just beyond me.

    We're all in this together, whether we like it or not. Thanks for posting this, Brandon.

    • Michael Koh

      Zac Efron said it best: 

      We’re all in this together.
      Once we know, that we are.
      We’re all stars,
      and we see that.
      We’re all in this together.

      (We're All in This Together, Track 9, High School Musical [2-Disc Special Edition Sountrack], Disney)

      • chelseafagan

        That IS clever, but I just can't find anything funny about this.

        Golf clap.

      • Paul Allen


  • ciaosandy

    This makes me incredibly uneasy

  • Tracy Lucas

    This is horrible to see. They could have at least afforded him a little human respect.

    • Perfect Circles

      You say this now but if he was in heaven and you were down here being boiled alive, you wouldn't have any sympathy.

  • matthewnewton

    Wow, the guy who keeps asking “What happened?” is infuriating.

  • Athiest

    LOL this is what you get for believing in a spirit called “God” and taking the bible too seriously. Don't care if this offends any christians because in reality you'd have no feasible proof or arguments for this comment. It's a shame that you're all represented by this idiot.

    • HipsterFriend

      And to people who do have a faith system, don't take this guy too seriously, either. Apparently, his only defining characteristic is atheism. Hell, it's even his name.

    • inflammatorywrit

      This is infuriating. Do you really think all Christians believed in this prophecy? Because I know a ton of Christians, really gullible and stupid ones at that (I'm from North Carolina, y'all), and not one of them thought that Saturday was the end of the world. Harold Camping's idiocy isn't representative of all Christians, just as your idiocy isn't representative of all atheists.

    • chelseafagan

      I feel like step one to making your point here would be to spell “atheist” correctly.

      • Michael Koh

        I feel like 'Athiest' purposely misspelled 'atheist' to be 'iconic'.

      • Perfect Circles

        or at the very least ironic

  • P. H. Madore

    Is “Legitimate News” a new station in NYC? Never heard of them.

  • reynard

    i think there will have been, and will be, a lot of suicides because of this

  • Mr. White

    “Churches don't understand these things.” Yeah that's right, now you're in a perfect position to criticize people who didn't believe in your bullshit.

  • ididthat

    Why should they get their money back? That man yelling is so frustrating. No one forced them to donate. If you donate money to cancer charity and they dont find a cure, you dont get a refund on your donation.

  • Noah Tourjee

    I think Barnes & Noble should be held accountable for selling that nonsense. Because you know They weren't worried about the end of the world selling those books.

  • jack

    yo why aint da world endin bout now?

  • Lao Tin

    Pretty much how I feel when I buy anything from/by Tao Lin: Disoriented, at a loss, confused and feeling cheated–just wanting things to go back to the way they were before it happened.

    • Noah Tourjee

      Reccomendation: stop buying those things.

    • tao


      • Davin

        haters gonna hate….

    • Lou Lou

      seems like a pretty dramatic reaction to something you could simply put down or avoid all together.

  • Alexandria

    I just wanted to point out that those who TRULY believe in the rapture know and accept that they won't know when it happens.

  • Lim Yan Yun

    I cant watch this. :'(

  • DeeQuinn

    I don't feel bad for these guys at all; they were the ones preaching this religious version of a 'Nigerian lottery' scam. 

    However, I do feel bad for the approximate 1,800 individuals around the world who committed suicide this year because they believed in this shit.

  • Joe

    I completely nonreligious and am slightly skeptical of all religious people, but the man interviewing him is being downright rude. I don't have any sympathy for Robert Fitzpatrick at all, but there's no reason to berate him for making a poor choice. If he was willing to believe he did the right thing with his money, then what good would yelling at him do to change his mind??

    • Aaron

      At the same time didn't these people kind of bring this apon themselves by joining a super conservative brand of Christianity that through it's preachings claimed to be superior to all others, especially non-Christians? These kind of groups constantly shit on people for being homosexual, non-Christian, and many other things. Not to say they maybe deserve to be totally berated but I can't help but see it as kind of the inevitable backlash that's going to happen and considering the things humans are capable of this isn't that awful. If you're going to be a jerk you gotta learn to take your lumps.

  • Ng Lay Peng

    Shit I feel real bad for him, and the dude in the first 30s is downright rude. Somebody ought to smack his mouth shut.

  • Perfect Circles

    This is citizen journalism at its finest, in response to citizen prognosticating.  Human beings cannot predict the end of the world; only divine crystals can.

  • Haroldtards

    Followers and believers in Harold Camping’s prophecy’s.

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