Spam Your Mom For Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day, and so it is the day to repay your mother for all of those good-natured infinitely forwarded inspirational emails she’s sent you over the years. And – lucky for us! – there’s a website that makes it fast, convenient, and fun! It’s called

YOU KNOW THOSE FORWARDS your mom fills your inbox with week after week, year after year? Well, this MOTHER’S DAY, you can return the favor by using Mom Spam. A site that features all the best FORWARDS we thought were just too good NOT to pass along.

Choose from 2011’s Most Inspirational Quotes, The Best Jokes You’ll Ever Hear and The World’s Cutest Animals in the Silliest Predicaments. She loves to send them, she’ll love to receive them. And we’ll make sure she does by filling her inbox all Mother’s Day long.

What a perfect way to say Happy Mother’s Day! And before taking your mom to brunch today, email this article to 10 of your friends, or you’ll have bad luck for seven years! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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