New Research Reveals Nearly Half of People in Detroit Are Illiterate

Former Michigan Central Train Station, Detroit

A recent study by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund revealed that 47% of adult residents in Detroit are ‘functionally illiterate,’ indicating that they’re unable to complete basic tasks such as ordering from a restaurant menu, reading a bus schedule, or comprehending their bills. Surprising, as almost the entire sample had completed elementary school, where reading is taught.

The results of the study imply that almost half of Detroit’s adult population don’t have the necessary skills to land even an entry-level position. The Daily Mail has the scoop:

Karen Tyler-Ruiz, director of the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund, said: ‘Increasing adult educational attainment is critical to connecting the one in two city residents who are currently unemployed and underemployed to good jobs in our new economy.

‘This is a critical opportunity for Detroit, where we know that access to services to improve basic skills like reading and math are extremely limited in and around the city.’

Detroit seems to be in a sad state of affairs indeed. With almost a third of the 140-square mile city vacant or abandoned, seems like Detroit’s going down the gutter, fast. Scary stuff. TC mark

image – Albert Duce

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  • Joan Didion

    but can they chill hard

  • Dor

    man this isn't true

  • Amanda Viers

    srsly? seems pretty bleak for Detroit. Do we know previous literacy numbers? like what was in 20 years ago? Maybe this is an increase. Someone from Detroit should give us a firsthand account.

  • Dan

    I wonder if it's correlated with the white flight of Detroit? Detroit's now 80% black, and if half of them can't read well… well it's no wonder why Waka Flocka had to dumb his lyrics down, he gotta make sure dem homies in Detroit be on da same page.

    • Amanda Viers

      seems like a burn.

    • Dor

      i think it probably is correlated with how only white people can read

    • really? "da homies"? really?

      The really sad thing is that you aren't even a troll. You are a genuinely ignorant person who only writes base, offensive comments and then waits to get told off. Get a hobby, dude. And from your myopic world view, it seems like you might be the one who needs to read a book and become enlightened…

      • Dan

        I'm not ignorant, I actually made sure to look up the facts before I commented, to be accurate. The first part is serious, and the second half is supposed to be a joke. A joke. Seriously, nobody can take a politically incorrect joke anymore.

      • Amanda Viers

        You're a hot mess.

    • Guest

      I never thought I'd see you on this site. you went to high school with me and it looks as if you're trolling all over the internet with your ignorance. I can tell you get amusement/enjoyment out of posting your outdated opinions. do me a favor and get offline for a day or two and get out into the real world.

      • Dan

        Oh really? Who are you then? And how am I trolling, I don't comment on here with the intent of angering people, I'm just contributing my two cents. After all, isn't that what comments are for? Just because I have a different point of view doesn't make me a troll.

      • Guest

        I don't give a shit if you have a different point of view than me or anyone else. in fact, I love it when people share their thoughts and opinions with me. it may make me learn a thing or two. I might be exposed to ideas and concepts I haven't thought of before. however, your point of view isn't considered anything except ignorance. you clearly were brought up the wrong way, or take side of the unpopular opinion just for the sake of having the unpopular opinion, although it isn't necessarily correct. fuck off. because nobody wants to hear your shit. it isn't funny or brilliant.

  • James

    at least detroit gave us eminem…….

  • George

    I struggle to take anything that uses The Daily Mail as a source seriously.

  • Mmeng84

    T his isn't knews.  Detroit has been like this for quite some time.  What the article has failed to mention is that things are changing for Detroit.  Dave Bing is a fantastic and liberal Mayor, who seems genuinely dedicated to reorganizing and rebuilding the city.  John Hantz has been greening up the city by converting some of the derelict space into farms and orchards.  People are moving at a grass-roots level, which is slow, but potentially sustainable.

    Detroit was hit hardest when the world moved from industrial domestic economies to a globalized economy.  So, maybe it's now in a unique position, as other industrial cities could face similar hardships, the city of Detroit has survived with a unique perspective in what is and isn't sustainable development.

  • Waicool

    look for the union label…..CLOSED

  • rhodeislander

    Score one for the teachers unions.

  • Craig Randall

    Detroit couldn't be farther from something I think about. Ever. Might as well be a different country for this Colorado boy. Tell me, why should I care? I think America would be better off as a less cohesive unit.

  • Dan

    Oh really? Who are you then? And how am I trolling, I don't comment on here with the intent of angering people, I'm just contributing my two cents. After all, isn't that what comments are for? Just because I have a different point of view doesn't make me a troll.

  • Michael Koh

    why am i not surprised

  • brandonfrommn.

    detroit is like manhattan in the 70's-cheap, scary but full of potential in a patti smith “just kids” sort of way. i'm sure in like 20 years people will be all “man i wish i could've lived in detroit back then…….”

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