New Research Reveals Nearly Half of People in Detroit Are Illiterate

Former Michigan Central Train Station, Detroit

A recent study by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund revealed that 47% of adult residents in Detroit are ‘functionally illiterate,’ indicating that they’re unable to complete basic tasks such as ordering from a restaurant menu, reading a bus schedule, or comprehending their bills. Surprising, as almost the entire sample had completed elementary school, where reading is taught.

The results of the study imply that almost half of Detroit’s adult population don’t have the necessary skills to land even an entry-level position. The Daily Mail has the scoop:

Karen Tyler-Ruiz, director of the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund, said: ‘Increasing adult educational attainment is critical to connecting the one in two city residents who are currently unemployed and underemployed to good jobs in our new economy.

‘This is a critical opportunity for Detroit, where we know that access to services to improve basic skills like reading and math are extremely limited in and around the city.’

Detroit seems to be in a sad state of affairs indeed. With almost a third of the 140-square mile city vacant or abandoned, seems like Detroit’s going down the gutter, fast. Scary stuff. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Albert Duce

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