Cutest Kids in the World Share First Kiss

This is Elliott and Bowie, and you’d have to be Osama bin Laden to not find the pair’s first kiss adorable as a neon kitty riding on the back of a baby dolphin (sounds like a Lisa Frank folder, amirite?). “All you need is love” is printed on Elliott’s t-shirt, and by the look on his face while he celebrates his triumph, the maxim might actually be true, for once. TC mark



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  • Cait Cav

    I just saw this earlier today and melted. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen and I completely agree – this is what love looks like :)

    • Fasdfs

      lol, wtf, this is not what love looks like. These kids are like 5, that's gross (not the kiss, the “love” part). Sicko

      • Aja

        No need for the name calling and finger shaking, Captain Killjoy. It's a cute video. For all you know these two could grow up and get married.

      • klaus

        they're intimidating what they see on TV

      • Daniel Schealler




        Was it intentional?

      • klaus


  • Mr. White

    No more. No more. No more.

  • Sonia Ali

    I wish someone got that excited about kissing me.

  • Greg

    This kid is gonna be a fucking baller when he grows up…also her burp before the kiss was hilarious…also her batman t is awesome….also this video is the shit

  • Daniel Schealler

    For some reason I can't get over the fact that she basically grabbed him by the chin and had her way with him.

    I know this shouldn't surprise me.

    But it does.

  • klaus

    does this mean she's pregnant?

  • Steven Timberman

    Oh to hell with all the naysayers. That was fucking adorable. We really don't change much at all, do we?

  • Afton Hefley

    Holy crap! I know Bowie! Her dad is a friend of mine and she's pretty much one of coolest kids ever. RANDOM!!

  • gcjhkj

    soon theyll be fucking and then high fiving

  • Michael Koh

    This is cute. Thank you BSG.

  • Anna

    Fuck, I'm 21 and not as comfortable with my sexuality as these kids are. fuck me

  • EmilyAVasquez

    This is cute, but at the same time, my love life is non-existent. Thank you?

  • Jody Fossler

    this would not fly with my parents.

  • guest

    feels creepy overall, but still cute

  • David Ou

    the most adorable video i have ever watched. in HD. thank you!

  • Lim Yan Yun

    its adorable how he wiped his lips after the kiss.

  • Elle

    In the future, I see this kid getting so hyped up about his romantic achievements/escapades he'll be writing songs about it [not just high five-ing].

  • riles

    seems pretty accurate

  • poopoo

    ah this ain't nothin…I busted a nut on this 6 year old quicker than this video.

  • Aaron

    They grow up so quick these days.

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