Mom Gives Botox and Leg Waxing to 8-Year-Old Pageant Daughter

California mom Kerry Campbell has been giving her 8-year-old daughter, Britney, Botox injections in her cheeks to reduce the wrinkles that Britney believes are there.

The child most likely picked up her severe body image issues from a childhood of competing in beauty pageants in which, her mother reports, Botox injections are commonplace.

Campbell has also reported waxing Britney’s legs, which “was… um… super super hard,” Britney told Good Morning America. When asked why she wanted to have the hair on her legs waxed, she replied that she “just [doesn’t] think it’s ladylike to have hair on your legs.”

“It looks way better,” Britney said, after asked how her face looks after Botox injections.

From the Daily Mail:

Experts said the child is now at risk of long-lasting psychological problems because of the beauty treatments.

‘We were getting into the pageants. I knew she was complaining about her face, having wrinkles, and things like that. When I brought it up to Britney she was all for it,’ she told Good Morning America.

‘She had watched me do it before. So when we first did it she was fine with it.’
When they spot ‘wrinkles’, Kerry gives her daughter five injections in three different locations on Britney’s face

America for the win! TC mark


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  • Sdf

    yeah but you know what's really ruining our youngest generation? boys painting their toenails.

    • Angus McKenzie

      sorry i don't understand, i don't speak troll.

      • Sdf

        no trollin, yo. i was referring to a previous article where reactionary media reacted reactionarily to a BOY painting his toenails PINK in a magazine, god forbid. so that gets labeled damaging to gender identity while this kind of thing is written off as overzealous parenting.

      • Amanda Viers

        He/she is not trolling. Come here often?

  • Brittany

    Disgusting! What is the world coming to when 8 year-olds have to worry about wrinkles in today's society?

  • Jessd

    absolutely disgusting.

  • Jaclyn

    How are boys painting their toenails ruining our youngest generation?

    • amomof3

      Pay no attention to @8e259549d80a198a098fa5881f9fda44:disqus, He's just troll baiting.

      • tientaucourant

        i think (s)he was being sarcastic?

  • Dan

    Botox ain't gonna help that little girl. She needs try losing a few pounds and maybe get cheek bone reduction surgery (she has a fat face), then she might start winning some pageants.

    • AC

      I hope you're being sarcastic.

      • Amanda Viers

        I hope not. Pageants are srsbzns.

    • Greg Petliski

      Yes, this.

    • genna mae

      Botox ain't gonna help her mom, either. Christ.

  • Meghan Blalock

    so perverse

  • Alan

    This makes me wanna throw up

  • Greg Petliski

    She's still ugly.

  • Aelya

    why are child pageants even allowed? How many cases of shitty self esteem, eating disorders, and unhappy children does it take for them to stop?

  • Animegirl506

    SMH…that is all i have to say

  • george brostanza

    fuck this fucking world. i hate everything.

  • elleinad


  • Justine Cricks

    Is this legal? Don’t all those injections and waxing hurt her? Well, if that’s the case, she may have been affected by the “perfectionist syndrome.” Her parents should make it a point to make the right decisions for her, as she is too young to see what’s right and wrong. They should be more careful when applying these medications on kids.

  • ellensanders

    OMG!! What happened to this world? I don’t believe that persons like this exist… This mom is normal? Because from her behavior I’m not sure.
    Yes, I agree with Botox, but for grown ups, not for children.
    Also, someone who works at Skin Vitality cosmetic clinic told me that is not something good for a 8-year-old child.

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