Man Breaks Into Home, Gets Naked and Eats Raw Chicken

DALLAS, TX.–This Monday morning, a man identified as one Michael Cook broke into an East Dallas apartment unit to devour a whole, raw chicken that was thawing in the kitchen sink. The apartment was home to Jennifer Espinoza, who had set the frozen chicken out to thaw before leaving the apartment to take her daughter to school.

Upon returning, Espinoza told Dallas Fox 4 News that she “saw the guy sitting in the sink, fully naked, eating [the raw chicken].” Espinoza then yelled at the naked man to vacate her premises immediately, but he ignored her. Near-hysterical, Espinoza ran out of the apartment and Cook proceeded to lock her out.

When police showed up, they reported having to kick in the door and use considerable force to subdue the suspect. From AOL:

The suspect refused to follow the officer’s instructions, [so] officers did tase the suspect,” Gerardo Monreal, a spokesman for the Dallas Police Department, told AOL Weird News. “The suspect was then apprehended and an ambulance was called to treat him because he had several cuts which he had sustained from crawling in the broken glass window.

The family has since moved to another apartment in the complex, and Espinoza – pregnant – told Fox that she knows that the whole story may sound funny, but that it was seriously disturbing for her, and that her husband is worried about the stress the incident caused and its potential effect on the pregnancy.

Cook, who was a tenant of the same apartment complex, has been evicted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

via AOL/ image – Sakurai Midori

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