Hit-and-Run Driver Finds Out Victim Was Her Dad

Brittanie Wagner

BRADENTON, FLA. – Early yesterday morning, 21-year-old Brittanie Wagner struck her father with her vehicle, who was walking along the side of the road. Driving without glasses, Wagner initially assumed that she had struck an “an animal or a garbage can,” according to The Smoking Gun. Only when police pulled her over soon after did she realize the victim was her father.

“Oh my God, I hit my dad!” she said to her friend, for whom she was acting as a designated driver. Wagner put the pieces together when the officer told her she had hit a person and she realized that her father often walked the street they were on to a local billiards late at night.

Her father, Oliver Wagner, was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. This afternoon, he helped arrange Brittanie’s release from jail. Brittanie was booked for leaving the scene of an accident and disobeying her license requirement of driving with her glasses on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

via reddit/ image – Ildar Sagdejev

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