Best Dad In The World Drops Daughter To Catch Foul Ball

Somewhat funny, somewhat sigh-inducing, somewhat sad. Man sees foul ball coming in his direction – a foul ball he could possible catch. His daughter, ever enthusiastic and eager to get some part in the action, is in his arms, her own outstretched in a silent vie for the foul ball as well. But as the foul ball nears, something goes awry; perhaps dad becomes so fixated on the prospect of catching the foul ball that he forgets he’s holding a human, perhaps dad simply wants to be the one to catch the ball. Occam’s razor offers no guidance here, as both options seem equally mindless, just as the dad seems while dropping said daughter and, in the end, missing the foul ball. TC mark


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  • nooo

    aw c'mooon, he pretty much put her down… she's gotta be at least 10. she's big enough.

  • yakovlev


  • guest

    is it me or is brandon the most boring writer on here???

    • king0fthebeach

      no i like brandon least all his articles arent about relationships

  • JJ

    Maybe he didn't want her to get hit, or didn't realize that she was standing on the wall so that when he let her go to catch the ball himself, instead of landing on her feet a few inches below, she fell backward. 

    Or maybe he just had an oopsie moment.

  • Mfsportz141

    He looks like voice actor Steve Blum. lol I hope it's not him. XD

    • Mfsportz141

      That's right, it can't be because he has two sons not daughters but that guy still looks like him. lol

  • george brostanza

    That little spoiled bitch deserved it. P.S fuck security for getting into other people's business.

  • lebronojames1


  • lebronojames1
  • Greg Petliski

    A girl could have caught that ball, what a loser.

  • bbrbv
  • itsguccitime

    That's the kind of shit you can expect when rooting for the Dodgers: pain

  • lbln30rty
  • uybn4
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