27 Questions From a 27-Year-Old

  1. What’s it going to be like when people from my generation become politicians?
  2. How long is the US going to be controlled by Big Money? Is that ever going to end? Seems like it would be so much better if that just ended.
  3. How long am I going to stay in this relationship?
  4. What is death going to be like?
  5. When am I going to have my Next Big Realization?
  6. Is Jon Stewart ever going to run for president?
  7. Should I be stockpiling food for the impending global economic crisis?
  8. Do I have a career right now? Will I refer to this time as part of my career later? When am I going to have a career? Is this a career? Is this life, or is life going to happen later?
  9. Is everyone still getting married and settling down? Is that something everyone’s eventually going to do? Or did everyone stop doing that? Like, you know how everyone’s parents got married and then got divorced? Is that our destiny?
  10. Am I ever going to identify a city as a place that feels like Home?
  11. Are my musical tastes going to change?
  12. Am I going to get cancer from all the processed, inorganic food I ate growing up? Or the cigarettes and alcohol I consumed?
  13. Is hipster apparel eventually going to end up in JCPenney ads?
  14. What are 20-somethings going to be wearing when I’m a 40-something?
  15. Am I going to be an out-of-touch, hopelessly lame idiot when I get older who ‘the kids’ don’t respect because I’m from another culture and as such have no real idea what’s going on anymore?
  16. How long are we going to continue to take seriously the Tea Party/ Christian discourse?
  17. Am I going to have like, a 70-year-old Facebook and Twitter account? Am I still really going to be into social networking when I’m 90? If not, what realization will I have come to – the one that caused me to conclude that it wasn’t worth my time? I’d really like to know that piece of information now, so perhaps I could just move on.
  18. Am I ever going to achieve a sustainable, consistent feeling of fulfillment and overall life satisfaction? And do I need a lot of money to do so?
  19. What are all my friends going to look like when they’re old?
  20. What position am I going to find myself in in 10 years? Will all this work pay off?
  21. Am I going to revert back to a less mature state than I currently maintain?
  22. Is there going to be regret associated with growing older and seeing young people achieve more than I could have ever hoped? Or will that even be an issue?
  23. How many people 10 years younger than me am I going to sleep with?
  24. Am I ever going to kill anyone?
  25. What’s post-empire America going to look like?
  26. Am I going to die in a war?
  27. How am I going to die? TC mark


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  • starseed

    that was like, 42 questions. but i get why you pretended it wasn't, so right on.

  • http://www.oneyearintexas.com Perfect Circles

    I'm going to sleep on this now and tomorrow answer all 27 unless someone beats me to it.

    • http://gearshack.blogspot.com Naked&Famous

      17 minutes later someone beat you to it… Sad, because his answers sucked.

      • Knew It

        this is the nyc subway streaker/assaulter/bigot, isn't it?

  • http://twitter.com/FTfunkj Joey Martino

    Am I going to revert back to a less mature state than I currently maintain?” im 25 and i have already done this throughout my life 2 to 5 times

    • http://profiles.google.com/mopeyprincess mopey P

      Yes. Turning 26 for me had more or less the same outcome in terms of bad-decisions and maturity as turning 15 did for me.

  • klaus

    I am 27 and I don't have any of these questions.

    • Brandon

      we must not be the same person then.

      • Greg

        I'm 23 and already have more than half these questions

  • Charles

    1. They are already. What IS it like?2. When money stops being a thing that is traded for goods and/or services. Start holding your breath. 3. For 24 more answers. 4. Do you have cancer or are you on fire? 5. I really don't know. 6. No. 7. No. 8. Probably not. 9. Lots of people will continue to get married. Some of them will get divorced. 10. Yes. 11. Hopefully. 12. The odds are not bad that you'll get cancer. It could be from a lot of things. It could be from (seemingly) nothing.13. It has in the past. It will in the future, except a company that will still be around. Good thing it doesn't matter. 14. See #13. 15. Probably? 16. I don't. Do you? As for people who take it seriously now, they'll take it seriously in the future. 17/18. Stuff will happen to you and it will stop when you die. Just take it easy. 19. Older. Fatter in many cases. 20. If you're good at it and work unbelievably hard, then maybe. 21. At some point if you're really lucky and manage to not die in an accident or something, then your luck will reverse and this will happen. That's the reward. 22. You're already showing signs of it at 27. It will probably continue to be an issue. 22. As many as you'd like once you turn 18. 24. Probably not.25. No idea. You could ask Spain, Britain, Portugal, or Japan, though. 26. Probably not. You are a writer based in Seattle. 27. Are you still holding your breath?

  • Cm3smith

    27 Answers From Someone Twice Your Age:

    1. Not much different. Like Grade One, living through your thirties is the great equalizer.
    2. Nope. Not.
    3. They get harder and harder to leave.
    4. At some point you start not thinking about that and wanting to just really live now.
    5.They get fewer and farther between. Cherish the last one.
    6. No. He’s a wannbe. A great wannabe but a wannabe.
    7. No. Never stockpile anything. Travel light.
    8.This is life. That word, career, is overrated and empty.
    9. This is one of your best questions. No answer. Most people are surprised.
    10.Nope. A person will feel like home. Choose wisely.
    11.Not much. Life gets cumbersome and The songs you like now will always remind you of a less encumbered time. Turn up the music.
    12. No. Just no. Always say no.
    13. Eventually JC Penney will seem kinda hipster when you have bills to pay and mouths to feed.
    14. Todays castoffs. It’s a twenty year cycle. Over and over.
    15. No. The mere asking of these questions will assure that you are cool, current and a pretty fun guy to hang with. Seriously.
    16. It’s over.
    17. Sense you are already moving on.
    18. Momentarily, every now and then. Money will do it momentarily. Love will do it longer. That feeling is overrated. Makes you fat.
    19. Much older than you will look. Always.
    20. You cannot even begin to imagine. People who ask questions like this do not follow a charted course.
    21.A less mature state than you currently maintain… judging by the question, probably.
    22. The only regret is seeing young people with a spring swagger in T-shirts and cut-offs, with skin that glows, full heads of hair. legs that go on and on and eyes that hold the promise of one lucky spring. It’s true. Youth is wasted on the young.
    23. Kind of depends on the answer to question three. Kind of. Also related to question 9. Be careful here.
    24. That’s a really horrible question.
    25. What? Next question. Saved the mind bending question too late.
    26. No. Once again. No. Stop thinking like that.
    27. Enough death questions. You have wasted 54 minutes. 27 asking them and 27 reading my answers. Watch Hubble Imax and see how miniscule and awesome you are. Live.

    • klaus

      27 x 2 = 54

      • Cm3smith

        @klaus Is that an answer to one of the questions? Or an answer to one of my answers. Or just a random mathematical equation.

      • riles

        It's your age. I think Klaus is like… kind of an ass hole or something. Maybe.

      • Cm3smith

        Thanks, Riles. Maybe. I preferred to think he was doubting my age – too bad Brandon didn't ask what it feels like to be twice his age. Feels like 32. Forever 32. Funny thing, too: first time I ever accidentally overstated my age. 27 + 27 = Eternal.

    • Brandon


    • http://www.kathygambo.tumblr.com Kathleen Gambo

      Great answers. But don't forget…. if there's one piece of advice I could give: always wear sunscreen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brad.pike Brad Pike

    I like, “Am I ever going to kill someone?” Heh. Maybe add, “And if so, do I already know the person who I'm going to murder?”

  • federico

    i am 20 and i am 20

  • http://twitter.com/CowboySandtoes Cowboy Santos

    good questions. and me being 35, everthing you thought, is correct.
    you will loathe the kids, you will be out of touch, if you dont change your diet you will get cancer. unplug and connect with nature. talk to yourself and you will see the universe unfold.
    oh and money, good to have, but nothing worth risking your life for.
    PS DO NOT have children. the world if fucked.

  • http://twitter.com/lilennox Lindsay Lennox

    Regarding #8. Careers are weird; I'm pretty sure they only have structure in retrospect. Here: http://explodingdog.tumblr.com

  • zzz

    I wish I could stay 20 forever. I don't mind underage drinking ; keeps it a novelty.

  • http://www.noahtourjee.com Noah Tourjee

    bad things don't happen to cute people brandon. they just don't.

  • clint

    loved this. glad you exist and write, brandon.

  • ariezee

    my thoughts exactly!

  • Brandon

    liked this. i'm 27 as well.

  • Lanny

    Im 21 and feel the EXACT same questions fly through my mind on a weekly basis.
    Makes me feel better than a 27 year-old, someone I view as a lot wiser and older, thinks similarly. :)

  • Waicool

    27 Answers from a 53-Year-Old

    1. At 27 years of age, you have 8 years to become the most popular person in the nation.
    2. The USA will be always be controlled by big money.  The proper question would be who will be controlling the Big Money and will they limit your freedoms to acquire some for yourself.
    3. Any relationship worth being in will last as long as it takes.
    4. Your next big realization may come after three days of sober existence (if you haven't completely burned yourself out yet).
    5. Death is the permanent state of lonliness.
    6. Jon Stewart will never be old enough to run for president.
    7. You should be stockpiling non-perishable food for whatever crisis may come along, don't stop with food though, get yourself a “go” bag, just don't take it all too seriously.
    8. Your career is what supports your lifestyle.  If you have a lifestyle you have a career.  Lifestyles range from beans and dogs to steak and lobster, take you pick, sooner better than later and good luck with that.
    9. Getting married is a lifelong committment.  If you are not up to that, don't get married.  If you are, choose carefully.
    10. Home is where your heart is and is not located in a city.  Pick a city that fits your lifestyle if you need to identify.
    11. Musical tastes change all of the time.
    12. Check your family health history for the most probable disease you are at risk of acquiring.
    13. Apparel advertised in JC Penney ads immediately voids the hipster label.  Go to the mall for hipster.
    14. If you are a 40 something you will not give a fuck what the 20 somethings are wearing (unless you are married, raised a family and they are your kids).
    15. You will not be judged by younger people as you grow older unless you are a stupid prick.
    16. The tea party discourse and the christian discourse are separate ideological discourses.  If you do not realize that already you are not currently taking them seriously and probably never will.
    17. Facebook is simply your personal journal you elect to share with the world, whether you maintain your journal is mostly a lifestyle choice.
    18. Your life is already sustainable, breathing is your consistent feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction is adjustable depending on the lifestyle you pursue and doesn't necessarily require a lot of money.
    19. Your friends will look just like they do to you right now and you will forgive their aging appearance.
    20. You will be in a sitting position in 10 years as long as you don't kill yourself working your ass off.
    21. You will occasionally revert back to less mature states at various times in your lifetime, most likely due to drunken stupors.
    22. There will always be those greater and lesser than yourself regardless of age.
    23. You will sleep with whoever fits your lifestyle.
    24. You will never cause another persons death unless you allow yourself to become a stupid prick.
    25. Post empire America will look a lot like urban Detroit circa 2011.
    26. You will not die in a war, 35-year-olds bestowed that honor to our youth.
    27. You will die gracefully.

  • http://www.jeremymeyers.com/ Jeremy Meyers

    If you think you can answer all of these questions 'correctly', you're wrong. living is the answer.

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