$2 Million Lottery Winner Still Collecting Food Stamps

Many locals are outraged after learning that Michigan man Leroy Fick continues to collect food stamps after winning a $2 million lottery prize, a prize that afforded him an $850,000 lump payment from the state. Fick and his attorney say the public’s anger is misdirected; Fick’s use of food stamps remains within the legal confines of Michigan’s food benefits program. Michigan’s NBC affiliate has the scoop:

“I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. If the state has got a problem with its laws, they can fix them. They really should,” says Fick…

“If I’m eligible, I’m eligible. Right?” says Fick, who says he’s disabled and not able to work. “I had injuries to my back quite a while ago. It keeps getting worse.”

The Michigan Department of Human Services says lump sum payments are assets, not income, therefore Fick’s situation checks out.”

We should concede that Fick has a point. If Michigan’s food benefits stipulations allow such a situation, it’s logical to argue that the program was actually meant to cater to situations like this.

Others, understandably, have a different idea about what Fick’s doing. “It outrages me that a guy that has a brand new Audi, has a million dollars in the bank essentially, can still qualify for food stamps. That’s wrong,” State Representative Charles Brunner said. He told NBC25 that he’s already taking legislative action. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

via NBC25

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