WTF Florida? Four Teens, Two Adults Murder 15-Year-Old Boy in Summerfield

Source: The Marion County Sheriff’s Office

SUMMERFIELD, FLA. — Six people were arrested this Tuesday for the murder of 15-year-old Florida boy Seath Tyler Jackson. Lured by a text message to the home where he was murdered, Jackson was shot to death with a .22 calibur revolver by 18-year-old suspect Michael Bargo (pictured bottom middle). Bargo “hated” Jackson, according to the CBS News report.

Seath Tyler Jackson

Once Jackson arrived at the Summerfield home – about 60 miles outside of Orlando – Bargo and 18-year-old suspect Charlie Kay Ely – who’s pictured bottom-left – began hitting him on the head with “wooden objects.” Bargo then fired several rounds into Jackson’s body, and when Jackson tried to escape, 20-year-old suspect Justin Soto (pictured top-middle) held the boy down while Bargo fired off more rounds into his body. Bargo then broke both of Jackson’s knees. The group proceeded to hog tie his body, put it in a sleeping bag, and burn it in the home’s backyard. Once finished, the group cleaned the home with bleach and put Jackson’s remains into 5-gallon paint cans.

Aside from the three suspects who appear to be directly involved in Jackson’s murder, three more people have been charged: 16-year-old Kyle Hooper (top left) and 15-year-old Amber E. Wright (bottom right) – both charged with 1st degree murder — and 37-year-old James Haven III (top right), who allegedly knew of plans to kill Jackson and aided in disposal of the body, as well as drove Bargo to a friend’s house in an effort help him evade capture by the police.

This incident is another one of those IDGI/ WTF Florida moments that we’ve come to expect out of the now-seemingly backwards Sunshine State Wasteland. Our condolences to those families and friends that were involved in this horrific crime. TC mark


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  • Michael Koh

    That's so fucking sad.

  • rip

    that's one less attractive pre-pubescent boy in this world.. i hope they get what they deserve

  • kzspygv

    Jesus christ. The criminals look like those inbred monsters from X-Files. The world is so freaking sad sometimes.

  • az

    this is horrifying.

    It's times like this when I'm in complete support of capital punishment.

  • cazador

    I am from Marion County. Seriously fuck that place. And seriously fuck Florida.

  • Sad

    fuck people. i hate people.

    this sucks. i'm sad :(

  • Lindsay

    All of those offenders look like inbred crack addicts. What human beings could do this to another?!


    Welcome to Rick Scott's Florida.

    • CommonSense

      ur an idiot, leftwing nut make a statement like welcome to Rick Scotts FL. WTF does he have to do with someone who commits crime, he only been in office since Jan 20th. YOU R A CRAZY HATER.


        All right, come on. This isn't Free Republic. We can all have fun joking with the worst of the 2010 Republican class.

      • Jesse

        Haha, right. Republicans are morons. This is all their fault. They would love for all kids to have easy access to guns.

  • guest

    Horrific, yes. Reason to condemn an entire state? Like crime never happens anywhere else?! I hate to break it to you, but people are abducted, raped and killed everyday. More than just the cute blond kids who make the news. There are several wars going on RIGHT NOW!

    • cazador

      have you ever been to Florida? IT FUCKING SUCKS. I AM HERE RIGHT NOW. IT'S HORRIBLE.

    • Brandon

      eh i used to live there, i feel comfortable

  • Mark

    Ugh. The suspects look so…



    Poor Little Guy.

  • Greg Petliski

    This is absolutely beyond comprehendible. I simply cannot even grasp how people can act this way, this deliberately evil. I've always thought life in prison is a worse sentence than an easy way out via the death penalty. Maybe, instead of humane methods we should be one-upping the evil of those we decide to put to death for their horrific actions. Kill each one of these murderers in ways even more torturous than how they killed the poor young boy.

    • Francois

      So we should try and one up murderers? Are you insane? Is that the kind of society you want to live in?

      • Greg Petliski

        Yes. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Basil Marceaux. You kill someone, you get killed. Cuz you and I both know it'll be years before these people come to any sort of justice, between the trial, the appeals, etc. Is THAT the society you want to live in?

      • cazador

        A fair and just one, based on equal treatment of all by the legal system (unless you're rich or white)? YES.

      • Sonne

        The death penalty is the easy way out. They deserve punishment, but they should be forced to contribute to society in a positive way, maybe by using their bodies for HIV/AIDS research, or something that would save countless lives. But then again, the rest of society has to be the 'bigger person' to prove an example. I guess that could be seen as unethical, but by that point I think they've lost their status as human beings. Utilitarianism vs. egoism. Who knows.

      • Brad Pike

        Have them race each other in cars fitted with machine guns for our entertainment.

      • Greg Petliski

        Car bomb derby!

      • Greg Petliski

        The death penalty is only an easy way out if we allow it to be so. If death were administered not by a painless injection but by being boiled alive after having each finger and toe chewed off by rats? Not so willy nilly.

  • veronica

    I live in Orlando and the cities in Florida our size or larger are pretty normal places. But everyone knows not too stop to long in between the metro areas, because there are towns like these with people like those.

    • cazador

      You're calling Orlando normal? LOL

      • veronica

        Compared to Summerfield? Yes.

    • Spainfest

      It's not normal. It's got an insane crime rate and nothing good comes out of living in Orlando if you stay there for too long. Hick city.

    • yeko

      no actually orlando is a horrible tragic ugly wasteland. i'm sorry but i cannot stand by while you lie so egregiously… think of the ramifications of your words. you might accidentally trick some poor soul into moving to that shit zone.

      FLORIDA IS TERRIBLE. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. iv lived in pensacola, jacksonville, gainesville and orlando. as well as all over the south and west of the U.S. nowhere is worse than florida.. seriously.

  • sonne

    I feel sick. Absolutely unbelievable and inexcusable.
    Can't imagine what his family is feeling.

  • Harley Quinn

    i don't condone the death penalty, or “an eye for an eye”; this is horrendous, these people deserve the worst punishment ever.

    • azi


      • EmiliaBedelia

        you could have used a semi-colon between 'WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY' and ' I NO UNDERSTAND U.'

        either you are being subtly clever and ironic or you just got it wrong.

  • Aurora

    I literally started crying while reading this. This poor kid…

  • WakeupSleepHeads

    All of you who make, statements like “what kind of society do you want to live in,” one that puts justice to all equally: poor, crazy nuts, white collar, blue collar, rich, and politicians. All persons who commit crime needed to get punished to the full extent of the law, if you kill someone (proven/convicted by jury) then society should put convicted violent criminal to death within 90 days. All violent criminals should be put to death, we do not needed to use them for medical research (we have got plenty of mice/monkeys), nor pay for them to stay in Air Conditioning for LIFE. It is a waste of societies money, resources and time.

  • Lady Blue ✔ VERIFIED

    This is horrific and absolutely disgusting from beginning to end. I truly hope that the assailants never ever experience any measure of happiness again.

  • DUDE

    Where is Dexter when we need him?

    • Jody Fossler


  • FLbeach

    All you “FLORIDA” hater's WTF wrong with you, forget VT shootings, Texas Shooting, CA bombings by ECO nuts, gang killings every hour in like 13 states other than FL. More rapes occur in NY, CA, IL, and PA than the whole of the US, and DC was the murder capital of US it suppose to the Nations Capital dumb Shyts. FOR ALL U FL haters:
    Please, stay the F off our beautiful beach when summer comes, and go to Disney Land, or Universal in CA, it will give me more room to walk around at the Parks here in FL. Oh yeah stay the hell away from the last Shuttle Lunch, would not want u to catch ill from this wasteland. (ha ha your so funny with the titles)
    PS- more backwards people live up NORTH….WVA, Cincinnati OH(part of Kentucky), Cleveland OH, Philadelphia PA, all of Kentucky, all of South Carolina, parts of Colorado and Northern California, all of VT and DE, the list can go on, and on…..with all the nut job states besides FL, at least we have the beautiful beaches and oceans to goto, what do you have a grassy field in middle of a park, please stop player hating the BEST STATE in the US.

    • FLbeach

      oh yeah, forgot about backward NJ, check out Link:

      young women/mother kidnapped from house by four gun men, then murdered, duck taped, handcuffed, thrown into a river…..lot more states up north have more Nut jobs then FL

    • benny

      you could have just said that florida is home to the miami heat and orlando magic and we would have been like “oh yeah… nice… lucky”

    • Brad Pike

      Not a good defense of Florida from the guy ranting and misspelling words. “WE HAV OCEANS AND SPACE SHUTTLES! JESUS CHRIST FUCK U”

  • Pfft

    he was super cute too.

  • Brad Pike
  • jacinda

    ogm what is wrong with people ! how can come one kill another human beinq espically a boy so young . i cried when i saw thiss

    • kat

      :( me too

  • dhth
  • james

    Why the fuck are all of you talking about people hating on florida this kid was put 2 one of the most brutal murders in history. All of them should be put to death for what they did.

  • idk

    those are some fucking beautiful people. i'm lost in bottom left's eyes… ~*

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