Woman Unable To Close Her Eyes For 6 Years


In 2005, Marilyn Leisz underwent minor surgery to correct a “congenital defect in her eyes” and touch up some scarring that was the result of a previous surgery. “The original reason was to improve my vision,” Leisz told the Today show. Quite unfortunately, she came out of the surgery unable to close her eyes. “I feel like my whole life has been stolen from me,” she said.

Indeed, that would certainly suck to not be able to ever again close your eyes. And so, Leisz is attempting to take her life back – she sued her plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Parker, for negligence, and was awarded $115k as a result. She’s also gone through over 30 procedures, but to no avail. Leisz has been unable to close her eyes for six years.

Wish I could say April Fools!, but this one appears to be real. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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