What Happens When You Tattoo “Daddy’s Boy” on Your 3-Year-Old-Son

Well, you go to jail. And Thought Catalog awards you with our First Ever and Only Idiot/ Piece of Shit Dad of the Century.

Eugene ‘Stonner’ Ashley, 26, of Georgia, was given one year in jail and issued a $300 fine for tattooing “DB” – short for “Daddy’s Boy,” on his three-year-old son’s shoulder blade. Ashley reported to police that he had been drunk at the time and as such does not remember tattooing his boy.

Matthew’s tattoo was discovered by social workers who came to his house after receiving a complaint from someone about the living conditions there. The boy was taken into custody, then released to his uncle, George Hawkins.

Eugene Ashley

From the Daily Mail:

Mr Hawins said he thought Ashley was a good father before the discovery of the tattoo.

He said: ‘He’d work 12 to 16 hours a day, feed the kids, give them a bath and put them to bed and then clean the kitchen up.’

In Ashley’s defense, that’s pretty stoic, but, um… one can’t help but recall images of a drunken man forcefully holding his screaming 3-year-old down while stabbing him with a hot needle repeatedly for an extended period of time. Which is fucked.

In court, Ashley pleaded guilty before the case could be heard. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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