Watch This Adorable Video of a Cat Playing With Dolphins

Cute video for your Saturday morning/ afternoon hangover: a cat playing with dolphins. I usually try to avoid posting the more basic/ dumbed-down memes, but this is an exception, because it actually seems sort of… incredible. Here we see two of the coolest animals in the world being all cute and friendly with each other. Wish that was my cat. TC mark

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  • Jonah Matthews

    thank for video

  • Naya

    I wish that was my dolphin.

  • shoehorn

    i agree with you brandon scott gorrell, this is pretty incredible

  • Joseph Ernest Harper

    i think a dolphin's slippery, salty face would be nice to lick.

  • azi

    the cat wants to eat the dolphin.

    • Kelly

      the dolphin wants to eat that cat.

      that's really how i thought this would end: in a cute animal eating another cute animal. so cute!

  • Tom Smith

    if you put something funny onto the dolphin's head this video would be perfect

  • Mattferretti

    Love this.

  • george brostanza

    i just came.

  • george brostanza

    but seriously though, that dolphin is horny as fuck.

  • landoK

    I wish Denver the dog was in this video

  • phleghmsss

    dolphins have big ass mouths and lots of teet

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