Video of Baby Laughing at Half Speed = Hilarious

Is this extremely funny, or am I just being weird? This baby laughing at half speed is funny as hell! Who would have thought that a baby excited about dogs and bubbles could have sounded like a forty year-old fat man on an acid trip? Or like your hallucinations on an acid trip gone bad? Hah! TC mark



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    Now I feel fucked up because I realize this is what most babies laughing already sounds like to me.

  • Jordan

    WOW that was 525% funnier than I ever thought it was ever gonna be haha

  • Dave
    • Suzannaq_511

      I always thought that sharing was cool, as long as he;s not claiming artistic responsibility.

  • fluff

    Literally choking / dying. Thank you for this haha.

  • StrangeDay
  • StrangeDay

    try slow baby aboveโ€ฆ.

  • Josh Liburdi

    JESSICA did not appreciate this post.

  • Audrey


  • Jesse Green

    why are things slowed down becoming popular on the internet? i think things at normal speed are already pretty great, so why the need to slow them down?

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