Girl Who Yawned Too Hard Unable to Close Her Mouth

Last week I posted a video of a woman who’s been unable to close her eyes for six years, and this week, fate has taken it upon itself to offer the synchronistic gem that is this video: an unfortunate girl who yawned a little too widely and was subsequently unable to get her mouth shut afterward. Fortunately – unlike the woman who couldn’t close her eyes – the doctor has a cure for this girl’s problem: stuff a bunch of sticks in her mouth and wait until her jaw muscles relax. Awesome! TC mark



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  • Jody Fossler

    the NHS looks comfortable.

  • Tom Smith

    Holy shit I was already scared that this might happen to me and I didn't even know it was a Real Thing.
    Thanks for ruining yawning for me forever, internet.

  • Jonah Matthews

    let us now start a discussion about british healthcare

    i think it is p-good wat do u think

  • Ian Miles Cheong

    My mouth hurt watching that.

  • Poli

    The sound at 2:56! I can't take!

  • Michael Koh

    This is almost as scary as tourette syndrome.

  • Adam Paperkin

    what can i do to make sure i don't yawn too hard?

  • Ryan Culliver

    So I should or shouldn't make a joke about her oral sex abilities?



  • Conorhutchinson

    @eRazeUSA haha i was just about to put that in the comment.
    m6b0i 53 minutes ago

    Yeah girl keep that mouth open for my dick lol
    eRazeUSA 56 minutes ago

    • Conorhutchinson

      lol indeed.

  • jessucka

    SUUUUURE she “yawned” too wide. mmhmm.

  • Nikki

    who else yawned just from seeing the title of this?

  • Melissa Brandt

    worst nightmare

  • Travis Baugh

    one time i yawned and got a cramp

    • Michael Koh

      Right under my jaw!

  • Travis Baugh

    one time i yawned and got a cramp

  • erinpea

    lololol. “cakehole”? love british slang.
    tim burton must have directed this on BBC. then he probably made a short stop motion animation about it.

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