This Roller Coaster is Designed to Kill You

Royal College of Art PhD student Julijonas Urbonas has created a design for a roller coaster that is intended to murder you… with fun! No, but you would actually die if you rode this roller coaster. It’s called The Euthanasia Coaster. Here are some pictures of the design model:

Looks quite horrifying to me, but Urbonas doesn’t think so. He actually intends for the thing (if built, which won’t happen) to lead to a meaningful death via “a series of intensive motion elements that induce various unique experiences: from euphoria to thrill, and from tunnel vision to loss of consciousness.” More from the designer:

Thanks to the marriage of the advanced cross-disciplinary research in aeronautics/space medicine, mechanical engineering, material technologies and, of course, gravity, the fatal journey is made pleasing, elegant and meaningful. Celebrating the limits of the human body, this ‘kinetic sculpture’ is in fact the ultimate roller coaster: John Allen, former president of the famed Philadelphia Toboggan Company, once said that “the ultimate roller coaster is built when you send out twenty-four people and they all come back dead. This could be done, you know.”

Sweet! Sounds… actually, pretty trippy. Still – I’ll pass. TC mark


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  • br

    First! In line, that is. This sounds terribly awesome but I've always been morbidly curious.


    I'm almost positive the Six Flags outside Chicago had this one briefly in the mid 90s. They discontinued it for obvious reasons.

    • genna mae

      Ha, you mean Shockwave? It totally was this, minus one loop. :D

  • Josh Liburdi

    I think I built stuff like this in Rollercoaster Tycoon when I was fifteen.

  • Meg

    This is every rollercoaster I ever built in Rollercoaster Tycoon.

  • Greg Petliski

    I bet there would still be an hour and a half wait to ride it.

  • Ahh

    this is fucking terrifying existentially for me for some reason.

  • EmiliaBedelia

    what would they do with the bodies? would there be photos taken mid-ride for relatives to buy? so many questions…

  • veganleather

    I want to drink a giant Slurpee before riding. Can't think of a better way to say goodbye to everything.

  • Gabrielle Bodek

    This is cool but I've noticed that every Thought Catalog article that you post has something to do with death. What's with the obsession with tragedy?

    • Brandon

      you are incorrect

  • Nive

    Rollercoaster Tycoon Memories.

  • Björn

    Am I the only person who thinks this doesn't belong on Thought Catalog?

  • dhth
  • Arressjee

    I wonder if the attendant would get first dibs on any valuables, consideirng they'd have to haul out a bunch of corpses each time.

  • Michael Koh

    This is hilarious.

  • Offcenter

    THAT'S INSANE!!! What would the sign say at the beginning of the queue?…WELCOME TO THE KEVORKIAN COASTER!!! You must have 3 months to live in order to ride this ride….lol

  • fluff

    This is so fucked up……

    • Barak

      Like yeh FLUFF. Its BR, see you at the pink bar next gay pride for a bit of anal ;-0

      • smod(ShermMasterOrDie)

        gay bastert

  • Nikita

    Lots of suicidal teenagers would be in line……………….

  • Zevgoldman

    It beats the hell out of  lethal injection. The state could charge admission for people to watch the condemned meet his end. It would be a great revenue generator. The video sales would be tremendous.
    The right to put the car in motion could be the main prize on a lottery scratchers game. Another revenue winner.

  • Nisaxaxa

    an unexplainable urge to take this ride

  • Nisaxaxa

    an unexplainable urge to take this ride

  • Mia :3

    You would die, but at least you’d die happy! If I were old and decrepit, I would definitely ride this!!!

  • Kate ♫♪

    Instead of using electric chairs, needles, ropes, etc. They should use this roller coaster for death sentence. How ’bout that?

  • Matthew Coalson

    Maintenance check: Still alive? IT’S BROKEN.

  • James Walpole

    It won’t kill me I’m nails! (hard as)

  • HG

    How very nice that we have moved, throughout history, from the Socratean notion of ideal, love, happiness among fellow people, to wars, death, nazi Germany, where millions of innocent people were killed just because of the way they looked.  They were mangled by Josef Mengele, in the name of medical science, now let us just put death on fun display.  Let us explore the horror and excitement of death for the masses, via execution programs not unlike “The Running Man.”  It’s Maury Povich meets Nancy Grace, execution style.  Now, let’s look around the world at the mass destruction of peoples because of race or location, Bosnia, Africa everywhere. I know!  Let’s build things like the roller coaster of death!  But who should we put on it then…criminals, our children, ourselves?  This is truly sickening and begs we examine ourselves and our true intentions as a modern culture, the world over.  My grandmother was a holocaust survivor, if she were still alive today, I know she would condemn this.

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