San Francisco Hosts First Ever IRL Mario Kart Race

Well – not really, as no one necessarily seems to be dressed up like the actual Mario Kart characters (although I did see a gorilla suit in there…), and this wasn’t the first time this race actually happened. But it’s really reminiscent of Mario Kart! Anyways, the real story behind this video is that it’s footage from the extremely fun-looking Bring Your Own Big Wheel (BYOBW) 2011 on Easter Sunday, a race where the colorful citizens of San Francisco race down the city’s hills – in this case, Potrero Hill – on big wheels they most likely stole from their kids. Not surprisingly, the event looks like a pretty freakin’ awesome time if you ask me. TC mark



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  • hbomb

    Agh this is misleading! I was picturing streets covered in giant mushrooms and banana peels.

    • Brandon

      sorry you didn't get to see your giant mushrooms and banana peels. at least there were large people/ animals in funny clothes bumping into each other on comically small carts and spinning out!

    • exitclov

      i too clicked on this article thinking i was going to see some middle-aged men LARPing in fake mustaches and mushroom hats. très déçu..

  • hbomb

    And it's Mario Kart not cart!

  • dan ton

    you don't race down hills in mario kart. you have engines in mario kart. you power slide in mario kart. mario kart is not just about winning the race. it's also about using every possible resource to make sure that nobody else can win the race. mario kart bears no resemblance to this. and for the record, it's spelt MARIO KART.

    • Brandon

      mariokart is so about winning the race and there were definitely powerslides in that video

      • Brandon

        thanks re typo

  • Jimmy Chen

    wtf i live 2 blocks away and had no idea, didn't hear a sound. probs blasting sonic youth again…damn kidz

  • Hotmail

    Wow the “look at me look at me I'm reliving my carefree childhood” shit is really getting out of control.

    Nintendo 64 games and zombie apocalypse plans will be our woodstock. How depressing.

  • Anon

    this is the 5th year they've done this.

  • Sara Lieber

    lolol wipe out at 1:22

  • steviekew

    Misleading title is misleading, albeit highly entertaining. Ultimately, happy to have clicked. Something new for the list of bucket!

  • Greg Petliski

    They need to make adult big wheels, just a scaled up big wheel, with a beer holder.

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