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Man Unveils Interactive Toothpick Sculpture of San Francisco That Took 35 Years to Create

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Artist Scott Weaver recently unveiled “Rolling Through the Bay,” a toothpick Rube Goldberg machine of the Bay Area. A product of 35 years of work and over 100,000 toothpicks, the piece can be explored via a number of ball runs that take you through toothpick replicas of Bay Area sights and attractions. Pretty cool! TC mark

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    • tao


    • Calvin

      35 fucking years im only 21 wtf

    • Michael Koh

      fap material

    • Mike Kai

      amazing. whats up with the guy tossing the ball at the end? Way to show respect!

    • Dalton Hoffmann

      that is not a rube goldberg machine and i think that guys a dumbass

    • Nic Lake

      My hat is off to you, sir. Massive kudos.

    • Nic Lake

      Also, go give this props on Digg.

    • ertrdut
    • minestrone

      I'm 14, and live near the Golden Gate Bridge. This blows my mind.

    • Waicool

      this is freakin awesome

    • Reallyyyydude

      I really want to throw a tennis ball at that.


        more like a bowling ball..

      • Wallace

        You must be one of those cool guys I've heard so much about

    • Jim

      That is simply magical. Mike Kai: I think the artist asked the guy to toss in the ball – to generate a sort of random tour. The girls were converned but the artist said something like 'Good toss”

    • Jason Hodges73

      Not sure about the USS Missouri. I know it was re-commissioned there, but other than that, it has nothing to do with the bay area.

    • Wolcottr

      UFB!! I'd like to build an adjunct one in the Cascades (where I live in Bend, OR) and tour the Cascades and Coastal ranges and connect at Muir Woods. Are Redwood toothpics still forbidden? Totally UFB. Roger Wolcott, Bend, OR

    • Chuck Light

      Holy Amazing! He should paint it!

    • WalterMcGubbings

      White people love to laugh heartily at minor stuff

    • GlennLEU

      Watch somebody trip and smash it. I hope they have it roped off.

    • Xpac_0

      wow, that's awesome

    • Hh Kumori

      That's genius!!

    • Tod702

      I live in San Francisco. The question I have is a San Franciscan one. “How much is the bridge toll now?”

    • dale

      kudos to you sir,
      p.s. nice balls

    • Hutt_carol

      I love talented people!

    • paige

      omygosh this is soo cool

    • Clfran22

      i envy such talent.

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