Las Vegas Man Accused of Opening Fire on Reality TV Show

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Las Vegas Man Carlos Barron has been accused by the North Las Vegas police of opening fire on the crew of Spike’s reality TV show Repo Games.

Carlos Barron

Apparently, the Repo Games crew – a production that goes around filming people’s lives on the brink of disaster, but offering them salvation from their debt (and us ‘mericans the suspense of impending failure) if they can just answer three out of five of the questions in the repo “game” – had one of their vans parked outside of Barron’s house on Monday night. Barron, not very happy with the situation, confronted one of the crew aggressively, and eventually struck him.

When the rest of the crew noticed the altercation and ran to their colleague’s rescue, Barron is reported to have fired multiple shots at them from a handgun procured from his waistband.

The crew fled and called the police, and by the time officers arrived, the shooter had barricaded himself in his house. A chase later ensued and Barron eventually was apprehended with the help of a police dog.

All of the crew members escaped unharmed, and it is as yet unknown if the incident was recorded on camera. Barron is now imprisoned and awaits a court appearance, where he’ll face – among others – charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Interestingly, the Repo Games series premiere airs tonight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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