Internet Rapper Rapping About Weed Passes Out After Hitting Joint


This internet rapper appears to be on both the path to fame and an aneurysm via this video he recorded of himself, which, for some reason, he decided to upload to the internet. In the video, we see the dude talking large and boastful – as is the tradition of freestyle rap – about money, street savvy, and the ability to fuck “niggas” up. “Bitch niggas try to do me?” he raps, just before smoking from a joint that had previously been off camera. “Get smoked like that blunt,” he says, triumphantly delivering his clever punchline.

Unfortunately, for him and his rapt listeners alike, “get smoked like that blunt” was the last line of his awesome rap, and ironically, more or less a self-fulfilling prophecy, because dude proceeds to go down hard. Around 02:40, we see the embattled rapper return, his face purple from lack of oxygen. The video ends showing the man looking confused, and, perhaps in some gesture made to defend his dignity in front of a webcam he knows is recording, muttering, “Where the fuck’d my blunt go?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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