Gamer Beats Every Super Mario Game… At The Same Time


In this confusing yet astounding video, one gamer beats all four Super Mario Brothers games at the same time. How is this possible? Well – I’m going to let Wired explain it:

The trick is that this is a tool-assisted speedrun — using emulators, save states, and running the games at a very slow pace, he was able to individually tweak and nudge each movement of the four Marios so that they would stay a hair’s breadth from danger. It’s still a remarkably impressive achievement when you consider the painstaking care that such a meticulous feat would require.

May I call on the nerds again to dissect that statement? Anyways, as Wired points out, sitting through the entire 13-minute eloquent trainwreck that is this video may not be such an efficient use of your time, so you might want to jump to around the 10-minute mark where he defeats three of the final bosses simultaneously. Still not sure if this beats the dude that achieved a 999-hit combo in Marvel vs. Capcom, though! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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