Check Out This 90-Square-Foot Manhattan Apartment

“I wanted to live in Manhattan but I didn’t want [it] to take all my money. I found this place through a friend and it’s a great location. [It’s] a great deal… It’s worth it,” says Felice Cohen, the tenant of this 90-square-foot apartment in Manhattan. Cohen’s a professional organizer, which has helped her not run into furniture whenever she’s… inside the apartment, although the first night she slept in the apartment, she reported having a panic attack. No – she really did.

In college I lived in an apartment this small – a single dorm that was actually a converted storage closet, and, well, I always felt embarrassed about it. Cohen, however, handles it well, and with her book coming out soon, hopefully she’ll make enough to get into a regular-sized apartment. The rent at this “ministudio” is $700 a month. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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