Check Out This 90-Square-Foot Manhattan Apartment

“I wanted to live in Manhattan but I didn’t want [it] to take all my money. I found this place through a friend and it’s a great location. [It’s] a great deal… It’s worth it,” says Felice Cohen, the tenant of this 90-square-foot apartment in Manhattan. Cohen’s a professional organizer, which has helped her not run into furniture whenever she’s… inside the apartment, although the first night she slept in the apartment, she reported having a panic attack. No – she really did.

In college I lived in an apartment this small – a single dorm that was actually a converted storage closet, and, well, I always felt embarrassed about it. Cohen, however, handles it well, and with her book coming out soon, hopefully she’ll make enough to get into a regular-sized apartment. The rent at this “ministudio” is $700 a month. TC mark


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  • SousChefGerard

    Jail cells are more spacious.

  • Joseph Ernest Harper

    lil digs

  • Astoria

    She's silly, but I dig it. Before I watched the video, I assumed she was hung up on having a Manhattan address and was only subjecting herself to these “conditions” to meet that end. But I think she genuinely loves her location, and there's something to be said for that.

    Still, I pay the same $700 in rent every month, and I have a big bedroom with a queen bed (on the ground), a living room, a kitchen with cherry wood and stainless steel appliances, a marble bathroom, and an awesome roommate–because I'm cool with living in an outer borough (and having a roommate, I should add). I'll endure the 15-minute subway ride into Manhattan if it means not having a panic attack because I sleep within inches of the ceiling. But to each her own. :)

  • Comic Insult

    Just watching that video gave me a slight panic attack.

  • Poop in the Butt

    Uhm yea not that shocking. I lived in Tokyo. Whatever.

  • sharksaregreat

    how does she phuck

  • too rude magazine

    not a fan of the ceiling so close to the bed and the lack of kitchen/cooking supplies, but otherwise, very cool and inspirational video. how to make it in america…

  • Joe

    I think it looks super cozy , but:

    1.) Sometimes, just sometimes, you need a damn kitchen.
    2.) You could never have sex in that bed, there's no room to maneuver! Big minus!
    3.) I know more than enough people that pay the same rent, 2-4 bedrooms, full LK and bathroom, and all you need is a roommate that you can stand to be around.

    Seriously, if you can only afford what she's paying, consider moving into the East 80's between York and 2nd Aves. Walkup rents and apartment qualities are really great.

  • John Pappardelle

    Oh, the suffering. Oh, the humilliation!

  • Guest

    It's actually a lot bigger than I was thinking it would be… I clearly have no clue how big a foot is.

  • meditationsONAsubway

    Eff her and people like her. All they do is artificially keep the rent in Manhattan high.

  • es

    how is she a writer without any books

  • Edesposti

    That's nothing, when I lived in Paris my appartment was a similar size (35m2), and we had two people living in it – my friend also lived in a 12m2 appartment…that's less than 40 square feet.

    • Guest

      Go back to school and learn some math. Your 35m2 appartment was 4 times bigger and your friends place was 50% bigger than this one.

  • enjoying the flowers

    i think i'm supposed to be impressed by this in someway. however, i think (for me, at least!) this is completely idiotic. to each his own.

  • yikes

    this apartment is making me suicidal

  • ahclevergirl

    that is the messiest professional organizing i have ever seen.

    thow shit in bins, make piles=professional?

  • boner_ranch

    How does she have sex?

  • Architectom

    so what! it's like a dorm

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