Art Installation Makes 2,000 Cardboard Boxes Sound Like Rain

This slick art installation at the Contemporary Art Museum MNAC in Bucharest, Romania is basically just a bunch of cardboard boxes… that sound like rain. It appears is if motors (200 in total) attached to boxes in strategic locations produce the sound, while the acoustics of the structure itself serve to enhance and propagate it. The whole thing is really quite calming, if not for the sound it makes, than for its large, fragile, temple-like structure. So – happy Friday, and enjoy. TC mark


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  • Michael Koh

    That's freaking awesome.

  • federico

    i wont have a happy friday, cool box sounds

  • Jimmy Chen

    sweet, reminds me of György Ligeti's 100 metronomes piece

  • adam

    reminds me of box of rain by the grateful dead…in name only though…

  • peter


  • Jody Fossler

    art is selfish.

  • Chillwave gonzales

    This sculpture opens primordial chillness in me.

  • Greg Petliski

    So.. 2,000 cardboard boxes and a motor.. $3 million dollars!

  • Pool Installation

    I'll back again for sure, thanks for great article :D

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