The Facebook You Vs. The Real You

Hah. This ego-deflating graphic by Comical Concept probably hits a little too close to home for a lot of us. Some hold that Facebook gives us the chance to present our would-be selves on our theoretical “best day,” but, um… I don’t think we can even hold that as a truth. How could one’s real life ever truly reflect a carefully edited and vetted Facebook profile? TC mark


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  • Jonah Matthews

    thank you for linking this image to me and writing a small amount of text that describes what you thought about it


      This is the “Thought Catalog” version of Brandon.

    • Brandon scott gorrell

      i don't get it

      • Jonah Matthews

        thats okay man

  • Travis Baugh

    as if i would ever wear brown and black together

    • Amber Ying

      Brown and black is fashion forward.

    • Amber Ying

      Brown and black is fashion forward.

      • NoahTourjee

        Brown and black is fashion forward.

  • Jesper Dahl

    Wow this is a seriously old topic, but while we are on it I must recommend the deisgn, art and musings of Electronic Shadow.

  • Samuel Walker

    I don't find Cheetos and beer degrading.

  • Mr. White

    I hope you didn't get paid for this.

  • George Darroch

    I liked this post, it made me feel significantly more real. I have little quible with there, and I agree with you. I just differ in thinking that this is entirely a bad thing.

    I've really enjoyed the internet in the last few years, because it has been an extension of an ongoing process that preceded it. 'In real life' I've moved through a reasonable number of locations and environments, in which I've had the freedom to invent much of myself. I don't see this as any less authentic than being tied to previous identities.

    I was blogging and interacting heavily online throughout the 2000s, but since moving much of my life online in a big way (measured as the part of my life I spend either interacting with people directly online, or interacting with influences and activities) I've had the opportunity engage in activity that has become my life. I've collected people and ideas around me, and created a world that resembles an idealised version of myself. It is who I am, because it relates to a reality that may or may not become entirely self-sustaining. The people I talk to draw me into projects and work and ideas and very quickly the line between either world dissolves.

    Re: the image above, a simple caricature of self-identification through other mediums… The risk is where people, as you say, take a set of symbols that do not represent themselves, or cannot be made to represent themselves, and make these their online persona. Our generation is almost an assemblage of such things, and they frequently have little meaning. Not enough can be, or is, attached to them. But this isn't new – what is new is simply that we have another outlet to create and express these. I think where I differ from you is in saying that it isn't the process of creation that is a problem, it's the execution. Perhaps I'm more ambivalent than I thought. Bleak.

  • Chillwave gonzales

    Are those cheetos or frankfurters on the floor?

    • Briana

      ineffective weenies

  • ZaneEatsWorld

    TL: DNR

    • dee-bo

      d0ing it wrong

      • ZaneEatsWorld

        Look, I know kids these days like to use slashes or semi colons or take out the 'N' and whatnot, but in my day, we had respect for our abbreviations.

        damn teenagers.

  • Really?

    this is not a tumblr. Not only is the graphic not even made by the author, he barely makes any commentary. Why was it even worth posting on thoughtcatalog?! Tres lame!

  • Paul Clark

    i love facebook, yall are mean

  • guest

    whats a 'facebook'?

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