The Creators Project Sits Down With Interpol For an In-Depth Interview

The Creators Project – an organization committed to supporting artists on the front lines of creative expression via digital technology – recently brought Interpol on as the newest addition to their studio, and had the chance to go in-depth with the band about their aesthetic, ideas behind their latest self-titled album, and more. Interpol’s unveiling their newest work at Coachella this year, then going on a world tour. TC mark

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  • Ben

    Dudes from Interpol seem really cool

  • Evan Hatch

    Carlos D has herpes!

  • Adamhump

    blogging about an advertiser

  • Gay

    Who the hell still likes this band? It's 2011. All their songs sound the same. You suck.

    • do better

      you suck. get a life. yeah, yeah, how awesome is it to just go around the internet talking trash? What a waste of time you are

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