South African Rugby Player Goes on Killing Spree With Axe… For Good Reason?

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA – An unnamed 34-year-old former top rugby player has allegedly been arrested for murdering three men in Durban, South Africa… with an axe. According to one of the two survivors, the rampage was revenge for the rape and subsequent HIV infection of the rugby player’s daughter. “You infected my daughter with HIV,” the former rugby player is reported to have said before becoming violent.

As one redditor pointed out, you’d think one might go for a less bloody revenge if he knew the dudes he was gonna hack to death had AIDS.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

A teenager, Siyanda Khumalo, told South Africa’s Independent newspaper that he too allegedly narrowly escaped being killed by the man.

“I heard someone walking behind me and when I turned he slowed down,” Khumalo, who said he had been working home from a friend’s house about 9pm on Monday last week, told the Independent.

The man told Khumalo to stop walking, but when he sped up instead, the man allegedly threw an axe at his back.

“I tried to duck the axe, but I was hit on the back. When he tried to grab me, I ducked and ran as fast as I could,” he said.

The man is set to appear in court today, where he will be faced with three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. TC mark


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  • Joseph Ernest Harper

    Rugby has done terrible things to New Zealand I think. We're having the world cup here this year. I'm really worried. I mean, what kind of person would actively follow rugby to New Zealand. I think I'm gonna get pushed of my bike or something.


      Let's not blame this on rugby. I've heard of people doing worse things on PCP, which we also should not blame.

  • Lou Foote

    Are you effing kidding me?? Of COURSE that's what I'd want to do if someone gang raped my daughter, gave her HIV, and got away with it. Of COURSE!! Absolutely. I will tell you right now. This sounds like a case of complete and utter justice served. I mean, I am so almost pacifist in my own ethics and yet I can't help but have horribly violent urges when I hear of such horrible injustices taking place. He'll get life in prison for sure, but if he thought it was worth his life to take three lives for the sake of the injustice done to his daughter, then so be it. Sounds pretty selfless to me.

  • Francois

    Yeah, turns out he's just batshit insane and there's no rape to speak of. Just saying it to curb all the “omg souf africa is such a lawles shithole wer rapists get off scot free!!!!” comments.

  • Michael Koh

    “As one redditor pointed out, 'you’d think one might go for a less bloody revenge if he knew the dudes he was gonna hack to death had AIDS?'”

    Wow. Severe miscalculation on his part.

  • SirHuestAlot
  • Derpina

    World's greatest dad. Someone buy him that coffee mug!

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