Radiohead to Release Free Emo Newspaper Called "The Universal Sigh"

Radiohead has recently announced that they plan to release a free hurt-and-emo-rambling zine newspaper called The Universal Sigh on the 28th of this month at special locations worldwide. On the 29th, it’ll be available in the States. These dates coincide with their recent album’s – King of Limbs – ‘physical’ release dates (thus far the band has only released it in digital format).

What exactly The Universal Sigh will be about is sort of difficult to discern, but Nerve has reported that it will be a “compliment [to Radiohead’s] recently released ‘newspaper album’ (we’re still not sure what that exactly means), The King of Limbs.”

Which is also confusing. Whatever The Universal Sigh may be, it’s, uh… just funny and sort of endearing that this thing is coming into existence. Here’s where you can find it next Tuesday:

  • CHICAGO, UKRAINIAN VILLAGE: 1957 West Chicago Avenue
  • LOS ANGELES, HOLLYWOOD: 6400 West Sunset Boulevard
  • MINNEAPOLIS, DINKYTOWN: 1308 4th Street Southeast
  • NEW YORK, SOHO: 560 Broadway
  • PHILADELPHIA, SOUTH STR AND S. 6TH: 538 South Street
  • PORTLAND, HAWTHORNE: 3610 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
  • SAN FRANCISCO, HAIGHT ST: Outside the Amoeba, 1855 Haight Street
  • SEATTLE, CAPITOL HILL: 917 East Pine Street
  • WASHINGTON DC, JEFFERSON AND 7TH: 784 Jefferson Street Northwest

Don’t see your city here? Check out The Universal Sigh‘s official page. Then make sure to grab as many as you can on Tuesday, wait for a couple weeks, and make a fortune off them on eBay. That’s what I’ll be doing, at least. TC mark


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  • Tom Smith

    Holy shit. I thought I got my twitter feeds confused and this was an Onion headline. Seriously, Radiohead? The Universal Sigh? Seriously?




      • Zonks


    • Michael Koh

      I thought that too, although Vice did say something about Radiohead's new free newspaper…

  • richard chiem

    ╔═══╗ ♪
    ║███║ ♫
    ║ (●) ♫

    ╔═══╗ ♪
    ║███║ ♫
    ║ (●) ♫

    ╔═══╗ ♪
    ║███║ ♫
    ║ (●) ♫

  • earlobe

    ugh blah ew

  • Mitzy

    Why so many publicity stunts!!

  • shoehorn

    jaded punchlines aside, the records radiohead put out when i was a teenager still make me happy and i will probably pick up one of these

  • Jordan Horowitz

    Harvard Square is in Cambridge, not Boston.

  • bro

    how do you know its a rambling zine? just curious, is there any excerpts…

  • Obm

    this is a pretty good like press release but what's the point otherwise

  • champ

    this piece is way more snarky than it needs to be

    • Brandon scott gorrell

      you're way more snarky than you need to be

  • emily

    radiohead sucks

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