Study Shows That Staring At Boobs Is Good For Men's Health

That’s right, dudes. According to the Boston FOX affiliate, German doctors are now recommending that men stare at breasts at least 10 minutes a day! Yes – somehow some German scientists controlled a group of men for five years, directing them to never look at boobs or “ogle them daily,” and they found that the pervs who openly undressed women with their eyes on a daily basis were way, way healthier! My bullshit detector is going off bigtime here, but, then again, that could just be batshit local news for you. TC mark

UPDATE: Fox News Boston apparently reported on an internet hoax that was circulating as a meme about three years ago. Way to go FOX.



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  • Mancans2011

    ahh, we couldn't agree more. check out our breast cancer awareness campaign that urges men to remind their woman to do her monthly self-exam to make sure that the only boobs left aren't man boobs.

  • Jimmy Chen

    just realized bsg's ass is b-cup 'man tits'

  • Lisa

    If staring at boobs is good for you, that's even more of a reason to preserve boobs…Man Cans 2011 is a breast cancer awareness initiative for guys– it asks them to get involved by showing them a world in which the only boobs left, are man boobs! Seriously funny stuff, you should check it out!

    • Mancans2011

      nice, thanks lisa!

  • Brian

    It may be objectifying, but it feels good. All sexes suckled a breast as a baby. They are warm, soft and comforting regardless of sexual orientation.


    This is beneath low brow. It's no brow.

  • BlueHorseShoe

    Imagine how good stare at p must be for you

  •!/nvvmxac danne rassle

    Let us live forever !

  • CogzidelTechnologies

    WTF! This is the first time I heard such a weird news…

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