Meet Denver, The Guiltiest Dog Ever

Unfortunately for Denver, he got into the kitty treats again. But, you know, you gotta give it to him – Denver is very, very sorry for what he’s done. Denver is on the verge of tears. Poor Denver.

Oh, and, about what Denver’s actually doing. Redditor beffjaxter explains:

To explain a bit more on why the dog is bearing its teeth, for those that do not know. This is known as “grimacing” and in the breeds that demonstrate it, it is a sign of submission. My father in law has a German Malinois that exhibits this behavior when in trouble or even when happy to see you. TC mark

UPDATE: Last night, embedding this video was disabled by request. Watch it on YouTube.



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  • Kieran

    Love this, this is actually the best thing ever

  • Kathleen Gambo

    Excellent musical pairing.

  • danielle garza

    Heartbreaking! And hilarious.

  • earlobe

    hahah so perfect

  • alfey

    Give me back the 2 minutes I just wasted on this video. Can you do that?

    • Brandon scott gorrell

      probably should have stopped halfway through and then not taken the time to comment passive aggressively that for some reason you disapprove of this video of this dog, might have saved you at least some of the time. next time just navigate away

      • Marta

        i just cried laughing so hard and for feeling so bad for poor denver. whoever alfey (terrible name) is probably a sociapath that probably used to burn animals for fun.

      • alfey

        Brandon, good point. I don't mind this article, it's just that I've seen you author more interesting ones. Anyways, I was just testing your tolerance for heckling. You kept it classy, good job. I'm a bitch.

        Marta, on the other hand read way to deep into my comment. Sorry Marta, it was just a joke, I was at work and feeling crummy. All is well, I'm not a sociopath, just overworked.

        Looking forward to seeing more from you Brandon – some of that Thought-fullplayalistic BSG funky shit.

  • alexrax

    This made me so sad. I am never going to be able to discipline my future children/dogs.

  • Srtobaby

    dogs are the best

  • Melissa77pena

    Greatest video ever. I belly laughed. Denver is so darn sweet with his shameful tail wagging, squinty eyes, and smiling. We all just fell in love with him. More Denver adventure videos, please.


    Next time I'm caught doing something bad by the police or my parents, I'm going to make that face. Life imitates art.

  • hug that doggie

    i want to hug that doggie so bad.

  • Omar De Col

    they found denver the next day, on his side at the back of the kennel. he ODed on his anxiety medication.

  • Jess Dutschmann

    I love the other dog, too. He's just like “not my problem”

  • Marthabuca

    Poor Denver! I'm just surprised he didn't get a hug after that! :(

  • Diana Z.

    I thought part of the quote said “My father in law WAS a German Malinois”. Let's just say things got confusing for a second.
    Why did you do it, Denver?? Was it worth it?

  • BoomerSooner

    I loveeee this. Denver is adorable. Poor guy.

    What song is playing in the video?

    • tania

      I'm looking for this song tooo !

  • guest

    This makes me miss my dog ):

  • Jened2005

    ok, anybody know the song?

  • stinky thumbs

    The song playing in the video is, PLEASE by John Carrie and Moor Green

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