Man Enraged By Price of Burrito Fires Shots at Taco Bell Employee, Police

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A Taco Bell customer recently fired a BB gun at an employee when he found out that the seven burritos he ordered were more expensive than he expected. He later fired shots from an assault rifle at police and barricaded himself in a hotel room.

Doubly interesting is the fact that this man ordered seven (7) fucking burritos.

Upon the first shots from the BB gun, employees and customers hit the floor. When the man ran out of the Taco Bell and put an assault rifle and handgun on the roof of his car, the store manager locked the doors and called the police.

The man then headed to a hotel room, where he barricaded himself after firing shots at the police. He was apprehended after police fired tear gas into his room.

The Taco Bell store had been running a promotion that offered Beefy Crunch burritos for 99 cents. Unknown to the suspect at the time, the promotion had just ended and the price of the burritos had risen to $1.49.

The man will be charged with three counts of attempted capital murder. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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