How to Write A Company Manifesto

Source: Kimmok

Are you a CEO who ‘gets’ the internet and is heading up a company that curates social media gurus for a winnovative new content platform? Are you a marketing ninja with mad skills and an insane new idea for a combination coupon/ app store? Look no further, because here’s the first step on your journey – how to write a killer company manifesto that’ll have those angel investors begging to fund your enterprise. TC mark


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  • P. H. Madore

    Evidence that Tao Lin is your colleague and not your boss. Bravo.

  • azi

    This really helped me today.

  • internetinternet

    wow I never saw this before, it reminds me of a website I just found called

    they take pictures of cats and then PUT CAPTIONS ON THEM.

    • Lisa Williams

      Oh gosh internet, internet, I found this cat site the other day. What is up with it? Has someone told them how to spell The? I just don't get the lingo, Help!

  • kamikaze picnic



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