Google To Bring Internet 100x Faster Than Normal Internet To Kansas City

Google has selected Kansas City to be the site of their experiment in ultra fast internet – Google Fiber – which will apparently be up to 100 times faster than average American internet speeds.

Reaching speeds of one gigabit per second, Kansas City residents will soon be able to download full-length HD porno films in about five minutes. From CNN:

Google said the network would offer wire-line service directly to consumers’ homes at “a competitive price.” The network will be built by Google, but consumers will be able to choose their service provider… The goal of the project, according to the company, is to “make the Web better for users.” Google’s view is that faster Internet speeds have always led to new platforms, innovations and businesses. For instance, YouTube, iTunes and Skype would not have taken off had most of America not upgraded from dial-up connections.

Last year, the company called on communities to apply for Google Fiber and received a response from over 1,100 cities.

The service will be up and running by next year, pending approval from Kansas City’s Board of Commisioners. And to the disappointed parties out there, Google did mention that they’re interested in bringing this service to other cities across the US. Crossing my fingers for Seattle. TC mark


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  • Kent Szlauderbach

    Strange. The entire nation and some of those Google reps seem to be overlooking the grave distinction between Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.

    Kansas City, Missouri, though just across the Kansas River, will not have Google Fiber. This is the Kansas City most people know and love – the one with jazz, art, drinking, and shopping. Kansas City is a shit hole, neglected by most industry and development and choked by the interstate from most transit. It's a ghetto, the entire city. They really need it. Kansas City, Missouri is pissed.


      As a person who has been to both sides of KC, thank you for pointing this out.

  • Kent Szlauderbach

    Kansas City, Kansas* is a shit hole, I mean to say.

  • Kenneth

    Now one American town will have the same internet Sweden had in 2007.

  • dick

    april fools dumbass

    • Brandon

      but this story came out yesterday….and it isn't april fools day yet

      • olie36

        google likes to be tricky, but then again they did announce gmail around april first and everyone first thought that was a joke too

  • Zonks

    Did she just say that the average high schooler has texted 1200 times between getting out of bed and getting to school?

    • Bambi

      99% of these texts are sexts in various stages of undress. Fuckin porno generation.

  • chillwave gonzales

    This will make chillwave even chiller. Slow downloads cause me to lose my chill.

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