Christian on YouTube Says Japanese Deserved Earthquake and Tsunami For Being Atheist

I think this video is why people feel a sort of hopeless despair about the future – because we have people like this. People who sincerely believe that the wrecking of an entire country, loss of life and subsequent turmoil are because those affected don’t believe in a freaking myth.

UPDATE: I/ we have indeed – as was speculated by a number of commenters – actually, ‘been trolled.’

Jesus. I think 4chan got a hold of her, and they’re currently ripping her a new asshole in the comments section of this ‘coming clean’ video. It was probably /b/ who figured out the girl’s full name, address and phone number and posted it on TC’s Facebook page and/ or wherever else the original video’s been posted.

The problem many commenters seem to have is that they’ve interpreted her video(s) as just a way to get hits (attention), rather than a valuable social parody that informs/ educates/ incites reasonable discussion, or whatever. I’m currently a little confused about my feelings regarding this. Getting hits by just saying outright offensive shit kind of feels like cheating to me. Anyways, I feel kind of, uh…yeah. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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