Christian on YouTube Says Japanese Deserved Earthquake and Tsunami For Being Atheist

I think this video is why people feel a sort of hopeless despair about the future – because we have people like this. People who sincerely believe that the wrecking of an entire country, loss of life and subsequent turmoil are because those affected don’t believe in a freaking myth.

UPDATE: I/ we have indeed – as was speculated by a number of commenters – actually, ‘been trolled.’

Jesus. I think 4chan got a hold of her, and they’re currently ripping her a new asshole in the comments section of this ‘coming clean’ video. It was probably /b/ who figured out the girl’s full name, address and phone number and posted it on TC’s Facebook page and/ or wherever else the original video’s been posted.

The problem many commenters seem to have is that they’ve interpreted her video(s) as just a way to get hits (attention), rather than a valuable social parody that informs/ educates/ incites reasonable discussion, or whatever. I’m currently a little confused about my feelings regarding this. Getting hits by just saying outright offensive shit kind of feels like cheating to me. Anyways, I feel kind of, uh…yeah. TC mark



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  • Samuel Walker

    Just let them have jobs and be weird.

  • unkoyama

    Damn jihadists.

  • Stirlynd3

    oh my goodness gracious! It is bizarre that she believes that her “God” would kill over 10,000 people in order to make a point.

  • um

    it's painful to watch religious people's videos of themselves partly because they seem so self-indulgent. i wonder how different from this the praying she's about to 'get back to' will be

  • Fancyalaugh

    Yes so Christian like…more like hate!

  • Nicolette Beach

    “god is such an awesome god, he's so loving, he will FUCK YOU UP!”

  • Alex Allison

    Evolution will kill these humans off.

    • Kablaamee

      To help things along, remove safety labels.

  • Piquo

    shit's gone viral

  • Mia Rimpakone

    this is so sad. she is sick. sick sick and blind and NOT saveable, no pun intended.

  • Dmyersresearch

    Why would anyone love a God like this? What did innocent children ever do to “deserve” the horror of this earthquake and tsunami? Frightening woman. Frightening interpretation of God.

  • Josepii

    Wow, this girl clearly has a very uninformed view of religion and the world.

    • Kathleen Gambarelli


  • Nicholas Cox

    Don't worry, there have always been people like this—there just hasn't always been YouTube. If anything makes me feel despair for the future it is not that people like this exist but that we give them our attention.

  • emily

    I love how she calls it the “lentil” season. Pretty sure the word she was looking for is “lenten.” As it is, she's helping me visualize a delicious bowl of soup rather than listen to her insane bullshit.

  • Jc

    this girl is a fucking asshole

  • Azi

    God bless atheists.

  • shoehand

    she's got a carby face

  • itsguccitime

    She sounds like Bellatrix Lestrange fawning over Lord Voldemort.

  • nico

    How foolish to think atheists are oblivious to the “Christian movement” and their deity by praying for them to have their “eyes opened” when in actuality, we're all quite familiar with both, and if Christians ought to pray for anything in hopes of swaying the atheist's mindset, they should pray for our eyes to be closed to their followers, like this moron, as their ignorance, stupidity and bigotry are the greatest deterrents from Christianity. Who wants to be part of a faith that supports the absence of logic and knowledge? Ew.

  • statusandapager


  • Discordian

    I have to say, the girl on the video is the most epic troll I have ever seen… you can't really think this is serious? It is so obviously over-the-top, it is clearly satire and/or trolling.

    • Brandon scott gorrell

      i thought that too but look at her other videos, they are all earnest/ batshit attacks on everything athiest

      • Brandon scott gorrell


      • Guest

        This link seems to be a dead giveaway that she's fake:

        I'd consider removing the post bc she really doesn't deserve the attention.

      • Brandon scott gorrell

        i don't understand how that video is a dead giveaway, it is of the same tone/theme/earnestness of the video in this post as well as her other 40+ videos on her youtube channel

        she is just over the top/ unconscious of other peoples' perceptions/ in her own world. if she were a parodist i feel she would make some internal nod or consistently reference certain lines/ expressions as well has have some link to a website that was very obviously a parody on far-right christianity, and i think there would also be indications of people 'getting' the inside joke that is the parody in the comments secitons of her videos. but looking through ~5 of them there seems to be nothing along those lines, most of the people are just as pissed/ indignant as they are in this comment section

        also if she is fake then it is an extremely well-done (sort of) job in that the large majority of people watching this have probably moved further away from any chance of believing in her god or a myth-like god and if this is indeed the case then the girl does deserve the attention, because that sort of strange success/failure would also be deserving of our interestt

      • Guest

        I don't think an internal nod or link of any sort is necessary for a parody. A major point of these “pseudo-characters” is to not be discovered. In fact, it's better to never let anyone into the “know” because then they can keep it going even longer and keep people questioning.

        I just think that that song is a load of shit. No one would sing that song or teach it to children.

        I also feel like her About Me quotes are super contrived. She picked silly, irrational quotes that are intended specifically to illicit a response. Yes, super right-wing and crazy. But together with everything else, it just doesn't add up.

        Also check out:

      • Guest

        Also, while I see your point of her possibly deserving the attention because of the strange success/failure, I more see her as exploiting a very serious, grave situation for her own gain and for personal attention. To me, if she is a parody (which we can't really prove either way), it's more for selfish reasons rather than a larger social commentary/agenda against religious extremists.

        Plus, the dangerous side of this is that most people will not understand it's a parody (again, if we assume this is parody). And given the rate at which this is spreading, this video could be interpreted by the world as a common view, fueling the Ugly American stereotype even more. Sharing it is magnifying her voice.

  • Joelle Held

    Dear God, save me from your followers.

  • Brocasbrian

    Is this a poe? If not she got hit with the crazy stick.

  • TheWitGirl

    I think the author just matched the crazy woman's extremism by calling God a myth. Just like believers can't prove the existence of a God, disbelievers can't prove that God doesn't exist either. I think it's crazy when atheists go around as if they have the answer.

    • shoehorn

      go google “myth definition” and get back to us on that one

    • Bridget

      The author would have to go ON and ON for at least several more redundant, obnoxious and deranged paragraphs to match “the crazy woman's extremism.”

  • Kathleen Gambarelli

    Wow, you can see the crazy stirring behind those black eyeballs… after 40 nights of this chick praying I think our entire universe will have collapsed. Bat. Shit. In. Sane.

  • Wesley Barnaby

    Japan has shoulders? Where?

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