Top 5 Tweets From Insane Clown Posse's Violent J

Violent J

My friend’s been RTing Violent J’s tweets lately, and they’re actually pretty damn funny. Of course, Violent J isn’t trying to be funny. At least – he’s not trying to be ironic funny. Like “look at this fucking Violent J” funny. Because Violent J certainly isn’t trying to be that kind of funny… they’re more like endearing, somewhat offensive, and ultimately, brutishly innocent.

So then, I thought I might highlight some of Violent J’s recent, funny tweets, in all their insane and clownish glory.

March 30: About to have this super hottie cut my hair at Lady Jane’s Hair Cuts For Men. Hopfully she might stick her tittie in my ear. I love that

This tweet is of note of course because of the “tittie in my ear” quip, which, ultimately, is not such a statement of perversion if you’re a little boy. And so in this tweet, Violent J’s boyish innocence is highlighted, revealing him to be, under all the facepaint, a simple American male who gets a hard-on when a maternal figure accidentally brushes her breast against his ear.

February 21: What the fuck? Seriously? The abdominal snow man just took a massive snow dump all over Detroit on an important day. Damn that Hoe Man!

Easy target: typo that reinforces Insane Clown Posse’s/ Violent J’s image as being trailer trash/ low IQ. Kind of a cheap shot on my part.

February 27: Mu Fukas on Twitter wait for a ninja to slip and say some dumb shit so they can attack! But I gives no fuck what I say bitch I eat poop whut

Obviously in response to his “abdominal snowman” typo, this Violent J tweet seems significant because of the whole failure/ self-conscious recognition of failure aspect to it. Tweeting “bitch I eat poop” was obviously a sort of “I don’t care about your judgment, I’ll say stupid things, I don’t care” statement, but J gave away his self consciousness (indicating that he actually does care about our judgment) by adding “whut,” which I submit is akin to those tics people unintentionally add to conversation when they’re uncomfortable with what they’re saying.

December 25: Luv from a few Juggalos on Christmas night is warmer and stronger than any luv from anybody else no matter who or how many! Marry XMas yall!

This tweet is of note because of the inherent creepy/ gross mental image we get from visualizing “warm” and “strong” Juggalos on Christmas night, together, feeling “luv” for each other. A little uncomfortable to picture, no?

March 29: Yo I’m back up in this bitch. I just found out all my tweets since febuary haven’t been going threw. My bad. Now I’m back

This tweet is just actually really funny, as one imagines Violent J, make up and all, tweeting for two whole months, only to eventually find that all those moments had, confusingly, been permanently deleted for some reason related to the mysticism of technology. If only we could recover these lost tweets, I might have more to write about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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