You Might Want To Buy These T-Shirts After You See Them

Glenn Jones – the designer behind all this work – seems like a pretty clever dude, and his t-shirt designs in this gallery reflect a very ‘palatable’ range of irony, sarcasm, humor and fun that feels at its core very modest, friendly and approachable. I like them a lot.

Out of Auckland, New Zealand, Jones was a successful designer at Threadless before moving on to start his own online store called GLENNZ TEES, where you can buy most of these designs on t-shirts (if you’re the type of person that likes to wear ‘clever’ t-shirts). TC mark


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  • kelly huckaby

    the bird cage one seems deep

  • JamesFranco'sEgo

    'cool' plug 'bro'

  • sage

    Haha, those vampires totally used the watercooler for storing blood!

  • Wewr234

    Indeed, that's clearly not the originally intended purpose of a watercooler. There's a sense of very palatable irony about this situation.

  • Dave P

    Does Batman bring me my pizza if I press both buttons simultaneously?

    • Jessicaltomberlin

      I lol'd at this one.

      • Dave P

        It'd probably just be fucking Robin…

  • Daniel Roberts

    Sweet shirts, guess some TC content will just be advertisements for stuff now?

  • Joseph Ernest Harper

    I feel this weird internal conflict, brought on by a strange sense of patriotism and my ideology that all novelty printed t-shirts are bad.


  • Ed


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