Gang Fight Takes Unexpected, Delightful Turn

Watch this backyard gangfight take a bizarre turn for the worse (or the better?) after one dude receives a shocking blow to the jaw. You’ll laugh – it’s not what you’re expecting. Safe for work. TC mark

via Reddit


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  • Brendan

    How odd.

  • jajajajajahahahalol

    We need to focus on the problems arising within our own country before we get wrapped up in foreign affairs.. How did they even get a hold of such weapons??

  • G Train

    Been there done that. Shit's for the birds.

  • oo

    the influence of reddit runs deep

  • Mr. White

    Just presenting it as a brutal gang fight video without any hints about what's going to happen would be better. None of that “delightful turn” stuff.

  • Chillwave Gonzales

    Really chilling with BSG.

  • Zaid Elliott

    I did not expect that at all.

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